What’s good wreckless people?? Aminah here on the ones and twos:-)

This week people are celebrating to the fullest, well at least they are here in New York but when is that never the case?

Monday was President’s Day:-) Happy Presidents day!

Tuesday was Fat Tuesday (all the big girls go crazy) lol —-Naw I just recently researched the meaning of Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras is a huge party but after watching a documentary on how those Mardi Gras beads are made, I hope that people at least recycled the beads from last year or something! smh

Anyway I didn’t come here to ramble…. I wanted to share some good words and a funny story:-) Isn’t that the point of this blog Aminah???

Alright to the point. This past Sunday I was woken up by a phone call from my father. He insisted that I attend church with him and I kindly obliged. I really wanted to go to my church in Harlem but some times things are presented to you for a reason and you shouldn’t pass it up. Lets just say I am glad that I didn’t pass him up on the offer and this ended up being an unforgettable experience.

The church called, Expansion Church, was a different kind of experience for me. The theme of the church is “unfold your biggest, baddest, boldest life”. One of the founders of the church is homosexual(no judgement), which wouldn’t matter for a normal story but he also happens to be the person delivering the message so it imperative that you know this. And this is why…. Now I’ve heard God be referred to as omnipotent, magnificent, all-knowing, all kind but never have I ever heard God be referred to as “Delicious”. I couldn’t make this story up if I wanted to but this Sunday, February 19, 2012, the preacher called God delicious. Straight faced, so serious, even repeated several times!!! I guess while we are at it we should call God nutritious and gaseous, because I’m full!!! lol okay sorry for the cheap joke but “aint God just so delicious?”

Even though I was laughing during the entire service because not only was God delicious but one of the announcements included Happy Hour on fellowship Friday and the message came from the book of Billy Holiday and Marvin Gaye lyrics!!! I still remained listening with an open heart and open mind which I am very proud of myself and glad that I had this experience.

Now on to the “aha” moment….. The message was about this thing called love; what is it? and how we need to love ourselves? I’m all for this subject because often times my own insecurities lead to certain actions that I am not most proud of. Which means a work in progress. Which led to the questions for thought, “how are you loving yourself?” He said the way you treat yourself is the way people treat you. Are you forgiving of others? Are you forgiving of yourself? Where do you seek love? Who do you seek love from?

What I loved most about this message was the subject of being hard on ourselves and always creating things to do for hopes of things manifesting itself; whether it be love, happiness, perfection. Then he challenged us to imagine how things would be if we thought things were already what we hoped it to be. Sometimes we get caught up in what has to be done rather than just being, just doing. “Imagine life with out a to-do list and with a to-be list”.

Then I pondered the thought of a “to-be” list. Something so great and powerful of just being you and going with that. Not saying “I have to lose weight, to be fit” or “I have to get a new job, to be happy” or “I have to get a man to receive love”…. Instead of all the worry, hopes, and expectations… you just be who you are:-)

The toughest thing for me with this message was “but I do have a lot of work to do!” But what I took from this message was you can still get things done but also appreciate who you are today; who you be. Love yourself first. Just be.

Now isn’t that delicious???

Stay wreckless people!


p.s. Listen to Billy Holiday’s song that inspired this delicious message….. 


  1. Giovanna H. Pennick
    February 21, 2012 / 8:16 pm

    OMG! If I didn’t know… “delicious”?? I agree the message is a life message. I ask that question all the time. ‘Am I loving myself enough?’ …but isn’t that the purpose of having a strong spirit ual life, love life, and healthy lifestyle by honoring God, studying the Word, and fellowship with the body? I feel like I am talking in circles. Same message, different delivery. Glad for God’s Word is the same!

  2. Rob
    February 23, 2012 / 6:17 pm

    Just Be… there’s more to you than just that pretty face and a bag full of funnies… very nice message, glad you shared . think me and many others needed to hear that. Pay it forward and just be. Thank you and thank your father,

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