Challenge: No complaints

What’s good wreckless people!!!

Aminah here on the ones and twos with a wreckless challenge of the week!

No its not a cleanse nor giving up fried chicken for the week(what would Precious do? #wwpd) but something that may be a bit more challenging than those.

7 days of no complaints!

I know! But don’t even complain about not being able to complain! Life gets tricky!

Anyway this is my challenge for the week and I wanted to share with my friends, peers, and readers.

Recently I was talking with some people who acknowledged my complaining. Then! I was expressing my frustration to a friend who said “most of the times, what annoys us about other people are a reflection of ourselves, think about what you are doing that is reflecting from that person” deep right?

Often times its easy to focus on what we don’t have, where we aren’t in life, or just minor complaints of the weather, our work, other person’s attitudes, our bodies, our health, and even our taste buds!

Yes. Recognizing things we don’t have can lead to motivation to work hard and I can already hear my comrades saying “complaints lead to Great material!”

But its time to put this to an end!

First off complaining can often times prevent action!

Second off things can be much worst!

Third off it gets annoying for others, switches your energy from positive to negative and gives you a grumpy look.

Now I know you can’t be out there with the stank face:-P you know that constipation, disturbed face!

So test it out! “Less talk and more action”

Here are a few ways that can help you with this challenge:
•when time to make a statement, pause, and mention the positive of any situation
•you know those friends who are infamous for complaining, give them a break this week
•breathe in and out when under stressful situations… Calming yourself can help prevent stating what’s worse
•quotes and affirmations, I myself love saying “Jesus is lord” and “take the wheel”… Just something that replaces usual complaints
•when someone ask “how are you”, respond “I can’t complain”
•take a time out to recognize what you appreciate in life

Alrighty! If you have other suggestions, feel free to comment and post!

I challenge myself, I challenge you 😉

Stay wreckless people!


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