Dear Blackberry

Dear Blackberry,

This relationship is not working for me.

First you convince me that you will do right by me, so I signed a contract, promising you at least two years of my life!

Within the first couple of months you don’t even act right and I have to trade you in for your next of kin. Not even your real brother but your step brother who’s been used and put back together to seem alright.

You shut off when you want to, during times I need you! Lost in the city with no one to turn to!

I’m officially hurt. You don’t listen when I talk to you, always on some “say a command” when you don’t even mean that because next you’re going to say “sorry I could not understand”

I just want a real phone.

A phone that takes care of business and does what a phone is suppose to. I nurture, you provide. Is that too much?

My kids are going to end up with flip phones dealing with you.

Talk about frustrated! This relationship is officially complicated. I even tried to change my status on facebook but your version needs to be updated. Smh

I hate you. You’re dead to me. In 156 days when its time for my upgrade you will be nothing more than an old friend to me.

Dear blackberry

Stay wreckless,


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  1. Didi
    January 17, 2012 / 12:23 pm

    156 days?!? Damn Minc. I feel u on this blackberry. It has truly let me down. Cuts off when it wants to. Now or days it text ppl all kinds of ish. My contract is up February 12th, Thank God!!! Time to start thinking bout other phones.

    Good luck boo

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