mastering the master cleanse

What’s good wreckless people?!

2012 is here and everybody is excited or should be! Even though the New year is just another date, it still holds so much hope and desire to be better! Well at least I hope that’s the case for you.

For me the New Year is a huge deal! Each year for me I want to be in a positive place reinforcing what I want in my life! I could’ve robbed a bank the last day of the past year but the next day all things are well, new day patna:-) wreckless….

This new year I wanted to bring it in with a cleanse, the master cleanse. Most people know the master cleanse as the “lemonade diet” or the “Beyonce diet”. It is definitely a diet! But essentially a detox for the body. The master cleanse is a modified juice fast that permits no food. Yes! No food!

Its a three part cleanse that includes the sea salt flush(whoever invented this is the devil), the lemonade(the juice), and the laxative tea(get ready to be on your ass! Literally!)

The sea salt flush is 32oz of room temp, luke warm water and 2tbsp of non iodized sea salt. Drink as fast as you can in the morning TWO hours before you start your day.

The lemonade juice is 8oz of water, 2tbsp of freshly squeezed lemons, 2tbsp of maple B syrup, and 1/10 tsp of cayenne pepper:-) have 6-12 servings of this!

The laxative tea, any kind is good but smooth move is the most popular. Drink this every night.

The minimum suggestion is 10 days and maximum is a recommended of 40days but apparently there are people who have done it longer! I myself conquered 15 days in celebration of my 23rd birthday:-) My plan was to cleanse earlier this year but I kept putting it off and finally decided to do it for the last 7 days of the old year bringing in the new year flushed and renewed(let the church say Amen!)

This cleanse probably wasn’t the best idea during the new years, considering I was out partying with my sisters but I put on my big girl boots and buckled down to accomplish what I set out to do:-) Even watched my sister eat popeyes chicken and stick a piece in my face! Talk about ridiculous!

For all the big girls out there who seek to lose weight, this cleanse will definitely get it (what would precious do??). Very beneficial for physical reasons, I lost 10 pounds from doing the cleanse for 15 days. This year I didn’t weight myself because in my opinion it is more so beneficial for mental reasons as well!

I rely on food for many reasons and this fast is mentally challenging dealing with this. Will power, discipline, focus, and strength are definitely traits required for this cleanse and even though I must admit I make it seem easy, it is not!!! I’ve made many attempts to know that this go round I have finally mastered the master cleanse:-) Except the fact that I broke my fast with chicken wings, cookies, and a pickle(do not do this at home!!!)

To some mastering it would mean completing more days, but for me it means to write this blog with out googling information. Lol

Seriously though, I put my mind to do something and it was done! Welcome 2012!

Stay wreckless,


P.S. Always do your research when attempting to change diets and habits with your body! There are books, doctors, and google!!!

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  1. Giovanna H Pennick
    January 16, 2012 / 9:44 am

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! I will put that on my solutions list as a goal. Do you!

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