The Help

Whats good wreckless people???

This month’s read was “the Help” written by some white lady. Just kidding *goes to google* her name is Kathryn Stockett. lol As you may or may not know this book was produced into a movie, which I plan on seeing soon since it will definitely appear on the Academy Awards this year and I suggest you do the same!

Many people prefer reading the book first, rather to see the movie second but I suggest you do it the way you please! I must say for me reading the book broadens your imagination resulting you placing certain expectations, visually, for the scenes. Pretty much you may be disappointed. I’ve heard different reviews from friends but I’m expecting the worst so it can be less painful if it isn’t that great! Works out for the better.

Anyway the help is a novel about black maids working in the white households during the 1960’s, hence the word “help”. The book is narrated by three maids and the white woman. They work together to expose the truths, good, bad and ugly. As you read along you experience what happened during those times and how this story was very controversial as well.

In my opinion, the book was AIGHT(southern dialect for okay). It was definitely an easy read but I’m tired of happy endings especially when its related to the tragedy of what went down during post slavery times! Segregation was horrible! This is not a disney story people, keep it real! So for the book to go from horrible to some what at ease, it took away from the reality of what it first presented and what it actually was. They did expose part of the true horror but in the end I wanted things to explode, people crying unsatisfied with life! lol I don’t know why but that is how I get when it comes to certain movies and books. If these are pure depictions of life, don’t give the people what they want! Tear us apart and have us feeling low!

I must say that this story exposed many conflicts that we all face now; peer pressure, Societal constraints on images of our people, injustice, self conflict, and more. For women it exposed our behavior to one another; jealousy, malice, envy, manipulation; making it even more relevant to now.

Favorite quote from the book, “We are just two people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I’d thought”

I can’t wait to see the movie and I’m glad I read this book! Highly recommended so when you check it out tell me what you think:-)

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