Specifically Specific

It’s the end of December!!! ahhhh!!! run for cover!

Its crazy how my mind channels; immediately after looking at today’s date; my mind is now in full preparation gear. The beginning of the year I focused on changes for the new year and by the end of the year I am shuffling trying to alter them for the next. (my mind may be a terrible thing wasted) lol….. It only makes sense in my head.

Time really doesn’t wait for no one!!! It was just January 1st 2011 yesterday when I was declaring, “I need to get my life together” and please believe me when I say I am still declaring it; even more desperate after seeing how fast time is SPEEDING on by!!

After an hour long conversation with my sister about her new years resolution, I realized people pronounce goals but don’t mention what they are going to do to attain them.

So I took a moment and share how I plan to plan for a plan. lol

How does Aminah prepare for the New Year….?

Reflection, Analyze, and Prioritize… then I toss all my rules out the window, ball it up and cry and think about all the losses of the past year!

No but seriously while I make sure I learn from prior mistakes, I sit down and write down what I want to focus and refocus on. Besides the huge losses, one thing I can take from 2011 into 2012 are my  heightened organization skills! ( I was once told that this was a characteristic of a serial killer… smh) But no need to be scared people;-)

Just get specifically specific;-)

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog how important it is to write things down and I still stand behind those words 100%. While I won’t bore you with my goals list for 2012, I will tell you what I did to get specifically specific.

Usually I would just write down my New Year’s resolutions but now I have a new habit of writing down daily, weekly, and monthly goals that will execute my yearly goals:-)

“WA-LA” as a magician would say after doing a trick… and there is a trick. The trick is to stay disciplined and focused when we are surrounded by tons of distractions!!! facebook… twitter… twitter lol

I’m not saying live like a hog; cuddled up to yourself but like a wise man once told me, “have a plan”. I even incorporated activities to enjoy in my monthly goals!! To list a few; african dance class, a new cultural event, volunteer, read a book, go swimming, and go to a new show:-)

I’m not trying to brag, just encourage!

…. even if you don’t believe in New years resolutions, special numbers, fasting, pledging, or whatever have you; You should believe in yourself!!! Embrace change and create change:-)

You guys already know my motto, “I will be a better person today than I was yesterday” or something like that! lol Either way if you are not planning for a new year plan for a new life especially if you want more.

It only gets better if you make it that way, specifically specific:-)

Peace, one love, and stay wreckless!


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