Kibibi Dillon

Kibibi Dillon

I received sad news yesterday….

A dear friend, Kibibi Dillon passed away Tuesday night in a car accident. She was currently on her comedy tour out there in Cali, doing her thing as usual! I just want everyone to know how great of a person and comedian she was! I knew Kibibi for a short period of time but it felt longer because that’s what type of spirit she held. We were linked through a mutual friend from our alma mater, Howard University, and from there we worked together on and off stage. She would invite me to her shows and vice versa then from that it lead to her performing at my birthday comedy show while celebrating hers as well because taureans rock! All I could think was “damn”. My heart definitely goes out to her family and close ones and I pray for their strength during this trying time!

Its hurts to see someone so young go when there was soooo much potential with her talent. She had only been performing stand up comedy a few months when we met but the way she commanded the stage was incredible and domineering; something definitely to admire. There are times when comedians say jokes and you think to yourself, “damn i wish I thought of that” and she definitely had a few jokes of the sort. Friends and family from the show still to this day mention “no negro” her comical mix of “no homo”. It was great! Here is a clip I found on youtube….

I will miss Kibibi, as I was just making plans to visit California to rock out with her. She said, “let me know when you are coming and I got you”. I have no doubt that Kibibi didn’t live her life to the fullest and the midlest regret I have is that we weren’t much closer but thankful I was priviliged for her to have graced my life!

This tragedy made me think about how I am on stage, my work ethic, and all the things I should appreciate much more because what we do is a great gift. Thank you for that.

As quoted from her facebook page “The truth is, I may die of a heart attack, I may die from lung disease, I may even die of a great white shark attack…But I’m never ever gonna die of a broken heart, Joe.” -Kibibi Dillon

well said…

Rest In Peace Kibibi. I hope they are laughing in heaven just as much as we were here! Stay beautiful! I will never forget you!




  1. Mike Brown
    December 29, 2011 / 4:01 pm

    That no negro bit was hilarious. I remember her from your birthday show this year. Sad. First heard about what happened through Jabari. Prayers for her family and friends.

  2. GiGi
    December 29, 2011 / 5:43 pm

    A beautiful star gone too soon. RIP 🙁

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