This Christmas

“hang all the mistletoes, I’m going to get to know you better!” Christmas is here *fake smile* “yay!!!”

This christmas will be simple.

As I type this blog I must admit that I am listening to “silent night” sung by the temptations, a friend of mine told me last night that I haven’t heard holiday music until I have heard this… check it out

First off lets give it up for this weather! I was never dreaming of a white Christmas and this time last year I was trucking through mountains of snow to get to work! I think this warm weather proves that the world is indeed about to end and if that’s the case this is the perfect temperature for the tragedy! I’m saying, I’m still wearing my leather jacket and a cute scarf! I would definitely prefer my last days like this and not some “day after tomorrow” activity:-)

Anyway so my aunt called me a grinch the other day because I asked her “why are you sending out christmas cards, what’s the big idea?” People just really get wrapped into this holiday, its as if no one can help themselves. I walked into work and my coworker asked, “how are you doing with your christmas shopping?” I said, “O I don’t buy gifts.” He said,”Oh you don’t celebrate Christmas?” I said, “yes I do but not by buying everybody gifts.” I don’t think the conversation even registered correctly for him. lol

I don’t want to kill anyone’s joy but I feel like we should all watch what we get wrapped around and celebrate, don’t feel pressured to give because that is what’s expected! For me, I was born muslim, so christmas was never a big thing in my house and even after joining the church, I have kept it that way. This Christmas for me will be simple. I’m not condemning giving, if you can give, give away! I will definitely not turn a gift down but I feel that around this time people tend to go out of their means to make something happen. Its simple for me, don’t make this holiday about something that will add pressure on your bank account! lol My philosophy is reduce, reuse, and recycle! You know that tea your coworker gave you at the holiday party, give that to your grandma! She won’t love it just as much as you didn’t:-) lol

No but seriously I thought I would take the time out to express ways you can celebrate the holiday and still reap the benefits of giving and enjoying family!

Phone call, people are still texting and a phone call means that much more now:-)

Voice notes/Videos if you can’t hold a conversation with the person a quick voice note or video from your phone with a nice message will always fulfill the deed.

Take a trip somewhere! If you are with family, go ice skating or to a holiday event. I will be going to see the christmas tree here in NY. Something simple, fun, and free!

Go visit grandma! Bring a dish or just your smile, whatever have you!

and If you are still weak in the knees to do something as pointless as pictures, cards, or post cards go right ahead. I guess its the “thought that counts” I know I will just trow it in a box somewhere with the other ones. And if you are anything like me then send them a scratch off with holiday cheers of hope!

I know last year I wrote a blog about spending more than you can handle but this time around I wanted to make suggestions. I guess I’m in the spirit after all:-) Merry Christmas people!

Please enjoy my favorite holiday song———->

and remember stay wreckless,



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