Grits and Biscuits

Yeah… yeah I know this happened a while ago, November 4th to be exact, but what can I say, “it’s never too late to look back” 😛

First of all apparently this event happens often here in New York, at least twice a year maybe three times and they have it in different cities but I’d vote for an every weekend occasion please and thank you. This event/party also know as Grits and Biscuits definitely made its impression on me:-)

<————-Look the party was packed ——->

The idea of the event is to bring the down south genre of music to the NY club scene. I know some of you are thinking “like we need more of that” but its not just the mainstream artist that are heavily rotated on the airwaves. They include that old school down south as well.

There bio verbatim “GRITS & BISCUITS is THE party for folks who grew up in THE SOUTH, got Kinfolk from THE SOUTH, went to school inTHE SOUTH or just luuuuvvv DIRTY SOUTH swag!!! Spinning what u know & remember from the Dirty…ALL NIGHT LONG!!!” lol so clearly…. yeah

Being from Atlanta, it was just what I needed at that time because I was missing home and I haven’t been out and had a good time, dancing since forever!! it was at least a week a go(evil laugh)

But seriously, this party made my year for me! Surprisingly I ran into A LOT of people I know from my hometown and didn’t mind the extra hour we gained from day lights saving. I expected the music but not the actual people! I’m talking Sunday school, high school boyfriend, and old teammates reunited!!! It was crazy! for a second I was worried about bumping into my baby daddy and I don’t even have kids!!!

It was really a good time!!! Bewteen haniging out with new friends, seeing old friends, and taking care of my drunk friend, I don’t mind plugging this party and I will definitely be at the next!!! Check them out here🙂 Below are my pictures… Enjoy!

stay wreckless


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