2011 Most Memorable Moments

So one thing I promised myself to do for 2011 was write EVERYTHING down! and when I say EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING! and I did just that!

It was so easy to relive the most memorable moments of 2011!

I took the time out to read back through my calendar and notes, yup straight down memory lane! Some moments have passed my mind while others stick out like a sharp piece of metal on the ground! This gave me a chance to reflect, laugh, and cry all over again!

2011 has been great, for the most part I can say everything has moved onward and upward! Some lessons, conflicts, and events I have shared on this blog while others it took me a while to even attempt to understand (WHY ME LORD?? WHYYYY??? lol) but after making this list I can honestly say “2011 you rock” and I can’t wait for 2012!

Earlier this month my friend was reflecting as well explaining the difficulties to attest to the bad decisions but overall appreciating benefits from some of the seeds planted, so I encourage everyone to take a moment and look back at all things that have happened. Regardless of the pain, see what you can appreciate, learn, and hope for in the future from it.

You know I don’t mind sharing mine. I welcome you to cry and laugh with me as well!

January 2011 www.aminahimani.com After preparing and designing my own website using wix.com, I was finally ready to share it with the world bringing in the new year!

February 2011 Comedy Show in Asbury, NJ. Talk about the most receptive crowd to date! a strong 14mins on stage which 9mins of it was added to my youtube page:-) 

March 2011 This month seemed a bit dull but I had March 27th marked as a “great day”! Brunch at Harry’s in Wall Street, Lunch at BBQ’s on 23rd street, and a comedy show in Times Square! Its the simple things in life people:-)

<———–April 2011 Saw Kevin Hart’s “laugh at my pain” Live and met him back stage, read the post 🙂

May 2011 24th Birthday Series of celebrations! Surprised my twin in dc——————->

and hosted my first comedy show! The first of Wreckless Wednesdays:-)

June 2011 My god twins 1st birthday:-) I love them so!

July 1st Moving into my very own apartment: read “change of address

<——August 2011 My dear friend, Talibah left to go to Zimbabwe!!AND the comedy cellar boat ride:-) See the facebook alum here.

September 2011 Hate Crime Hair Cut (if you can’t tell from the picture below, just know it was a HOT MESS!)———————————————————————————–>

October 2011 Putting my stuff in storage after burglary:-( I dont mess with Brooklyn! lol

November 2011 Patrice O’Neal passed away! won’t ever forget the first time meeting him, seeing him perform, the bbq and him calling me African girl!

and of course Grits and Biscuits Event:-) read the post!

->December 2011 Hopefully it’s NYE but until then (lol) My big sister graduated!!! 

I tried to do only a few considering it was such a great year for me! but if you hadn’t took the chance to, look back at the good, the bad and the ugly of 2011 and stay wreckless 😉


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