Brunch with Georgette Pierre

Hey everybody!!! Aminah here on the ones and twos!


Here’s the story… I love amazing people and you should too! I can already tell you do because you are reading this blog:-) thank you kindly!

Seriously, it is important to have others who motivate you and inspire you. I am really dedicated to surrounding myself around great people! When I first moved to New York, things started off rough for me. My former friends from back home(Atl shawty) and I had this huge argument about NOTHING and after reflecting on the situation I decided that I needed to be more specific and particular about who I surround myself with and who deserves my energy. Needless to say immediately after performing, volunteering and exposing myself to the New York network it was instant that I met great people who I have made a priority to keep in close contact with:-)

Georgette Pierre is definitely one of those persons. We met at a networking event held by the IRTS foundation last year and since then we have always been in touch while also keeping each other aware with the happenings here in New York. (more so her than me, but that’s not the point! lol) You would lover her! This chick’s energy alone engages the attention of everybody she comes in contact with and thats why its no wonder of her expertise as a personality for her own radio show, Georgette Pierre radio.

Originally from Northern VA, by way of Trinidad and Tobago she currently lives in New York City and is also a writer and TV correspondent for online magazines, Killer Boombox and The R’ebel Mag (which she co-founded). In her free time, she escapes the world through music, meditation, and her tumblr blog. (definitely copied and paste this info)

Well this weekend, after trying to get together since September(we both have crazy schedules), Georgette Pierre and I finally had brunch! Well more so lunch because of the food we ate but whatever. I can’t even deny how it was a pleasure of having her. Always inspiring by her positive words and her personal story!!! Talk about a mover and a shaker and a true definition of a person who doesn’t wait for opportunity but definitely creates her opportunity!!!

The day was full of great food, great conversation, and great company. She is definitely a person who I would considered “slept on” and thats why I wrote this blog! Plus she loved my lentils so check her out people! Her radio show even featured me! where we talked and laughed the entire conversation, something not to far from our personal chemistry. You can listen to that episode here.

    Here’s a pic of me and the gorgeous lady and her info below!


Blog talk radio

Enjoy, stay wreckless!



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