The Sitter

What had happened was…..

So I went and checked out the movie, The Sitter, starring Jonah Hill this weekend. Just like most of America, Jonah Hill is definitely a favorite who is always a pleasure to see in comedy movies!!! This black comedy is a story about a college student who is forced into babysitting kids of his mother’s friends with no experience with kids which triggers a wild night of ridiculous events including guns, theft, cocaine, wild parties, and a dangerous car chase.

Hands down it was funny!!! There is no surprise that the makers of this movie were the same as Pineapple Express and I’m sure those same fans came out to see this movie just as inebriated.  There was that same feel of a brief story line, kind of immature plot that was rushed into an hour and twenty minutes giving you laughs and random premises. At one point I found myself laughing hysterically then asking myself, “why did this turn into a soap opera?” It was like a conversation with a motor mouth… “then this happened, and yeah this happened, and don’t forget this and I have to tell you this, all along some things don’t make sense and seemed forced but you only have a few seconds to get the story out and FINISHED!” where you are left with a choice to keep up or just laugh it off like you enjoyed it either way.

The kids were hilarious. One thing I can respect are the social issues that were addressed in the movie; self esteem, peer pressure, homosexuality, relationships and love, texting! lol but delivered in a comical, typically rigid way. The way the character of Landry Bender’s, the little girl, role exposed the pre-teen society obsession for celebrities and fame was a great angle for social morale. On the other hand this movie definitely perpetuated the typical stereotypes for black, latino, and white people along with gangs and drug dealers but still made you laugh out loud. Not to give too much of the movie away but one of the kids was an adopted spanish kid (Rodrigo), played by Kevin Hernandez, who had displacement issues and coped through arsenal experiments. If the thick accent wasn’t enough, this kid’s character alone created huge laughs especially since Texas ranger theme like music played across the soundtrack every time he was on the scene.

Shout out to actress, Kylie Bunbury, who played Jonah Hill’s love interest, Roxanne. She was serving the new and improved/2011 Gabrielle Union’s role. It was some sort of annoying because we’ve seen it before over and over and no matter what was going on in the movie, she would appear only to reiterate her love interest but something you could overlook.

Things I didn’t overlook were definitely some director’s mistakes! One shot didn’t include the exact outfit as a scene prior, in a party scene the server walked up with a tray and the next shot, there was no tray, and in the end all kids were sent upstairs to sleep but Rodrigo lives downstairs so of course I thought to myself “why is he going upstairs?” Small but I caught them!!!

All in all I would encourage people to see this movie especially for comic relief. If you aren’t too excited about Jonah Hill and wasn’t impressed by Pineapple Express, catch this one on dvd, redbox, or bootleg (wreckless)! The fact that I was extremely exhausted but still watched the entire movie could mean something as well!

Must say it was good to see comic, J.B. Smoove collect some residuals! I had a pleasure to see him host the Russel Simmons presents here in New York and he is one funny dude! Good look!

I’m not about to be thorough and list the cast or anything, nor pictures but if you want all that click here 😉

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