Officially removing the word “try” from my vocabulary.


Because I’m annoyed, disturbed, and perturbed by this verb! (I like the way that rhymed)

I half way understand giving people a chance.

I half way understand people make mistakes.

I half way understand that making adjustments/ changes can be difficult.

(Please note that I say halfway b/c I’m wreckless :-P)

But I whole heartedly don’t understand the purpose for another EXCUSE of “try”.
Yep this morning I turned angry! Got mad and started this blog to vent but now that I’ve cooled down and gave it some thought, I realized this was a good point.

When you think about it….people say “tried” usually meaning they did something they no longer do…

I tried staying faithful
I tried being vegetarian
I tried the gym

Even present tense, “I try” leaves for an opportunity of not accomplishing….

Seriously let’s break down the word try; to make an effort to do or accomplish, to taste, to sample, attempt

Ummmmm the definition alone makes me question my words when I say, “I try to relate, I try to be funny, I try to make it to work on time, I try to stay fit”….. Its safe to say FAIL!

Words are power!

So for now on I am no longer “trying” to do anything especially when it refers to something that there are no other options but to accomplish!

I haven’t figured out what I will say but it won’t be “try”

*rolls neck* and *smacks lips*


Stay wreckless people,


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