Learn how to live with people throwing dirt at you

What’s good my wreckless people??

Aminah checking in on the ones and twos live in the city that never sleeps! Word son! (Yep, I’m too cool for school!)

I dedicate this blog to the underdogs, the interns, apprentices, amateurs, and the naturally talented but still got work to do people!

A recent conversation with a friend brought up the topic of why people have so much negative to say about you when you are doing the best you can while striving beyond their expected measures. These people are also known as haters.

First rule: “let your haters be your motivators”

Second rule: “haters only have as much attention as you give them”

Third rule: “hate on me hater” -Jill Scott;-)

Okay I didn’t really have a third rule but that’s not the point!

The point is my friend expressed her frustration with what people were saying and how she doesn’t understand why when people accomplish things, what’s so hard to just congratulate and be happy for that person…..

“It could all be so simple but yall rather make it hard”

As a comedian, I witness a lot of bitter activity amongst other performers and yeah its an unfortunate situation but just as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, “never dim your light to be amongst others”!

If there is nothing I don’t know how to do, one thing I do best is being myself 😉

Either like me or love me:-*

Okay! Back to the point(I always makes things about me, smh)….. Lol

Anyway! I read something prolific today and I wanted to share:

“You have to learn how to live with people throwing dirt on you.”

“One day a donkey fell into a well. The farmer couldn’t get him out, so he knew he had to cover him up. He called in his neighbors, and they all started to throw down the well, but instead of burying it, the donkey would shake the dirt off and take a step up. Eventually getting to the top of the well”

Aint that deep?

Its clear that even the troubles(which shouldn’t be but if is, cuz I just ignore it, feels me?) from haters can be stepping stones for a step up! To the top at that:-P

So if the dirt is building up, go take a shower and brush your teeth because you’re dirty;-)

Stay wreckless,


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