Word. to the blogger, Leighann Lord

Hey! Hey! Its been a minute…! Very unlike me!…. considering I was posting every week for a while but What can I say!

Things got hectic for the good and the bad but I can appreciate it all:-)

I have sooo much to tell you guys and catch up on the hilarious lessons and wreckless activity that occurs on a consistent basis in my life but I will cover all of that and more.

This blog is specifically a S/O to all bloggers!

Specifically comedianne, Leighann Lord!

She took blogging to another level with her live blog show titled, “Blog Out Loud Show”.

Interesting concept, something I’ve never seen before but it was cool!

It was a reading of her blogs about her journey as a stand up comedian OUT LOUD! Get it? Lol

It was very honest, funny, entertaining, and insightful.

She discussed the trials, errors, lessons, and inspirations of the business, stand-up comedy and there was no reason not to enjoy this!

As a comedian myself and a blogger, Leighann Lord definitely inspired myself to not only continue blogging but also expand the concept!

Prime example is her blog, TheUrbanErma.com, check it out!

Podcasts, current events, and intriguing experiences nararrated with a corky comedic twist.

I’m officially a fan and so should you 🙂

Stay wreckless,


Below is a picture, enjoy:-P

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