Almost (UN)Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween I guess I’ll say that… Don’t really celebrate it, never did growing up. Exception to the times my twin sister and I would sneak out the house to trick-or-treat at our neighbor’s houses. Never had costumes so we would wear our bed shirts and walk barefoot to the houses closest to ours pretending to be slaves for Halloween, “trick-or-treat master” (see, wreckless my entire life) Of course my militant mom would return home right at the moment we are running back to the house and we would get put in check along with our big sister for letting us even execute our foolish plans… She would take our candy away and we would show up to school where all the kids are enjoying their treats, were looking like somalian kids needing a representative to announce, “just a skittle a day will get these poor kids some happiness” …. the good times:-)

Recently since going to college, all I needed was an excuse to drink excessively and act a fool and Halloween became that reason. In attempts to not celebrate too much(anti-pagan), my costumes were always home made just like when I was little:-) One year I was a teacher, blazer and jeans. Another year I was a dancer; leggings and a cut up shirt, the shirt did say Alvin Ailey. Then the other years I used my friend’s costumes from last year; pimping aint easy but it shol aint hard;-) #recessionProof

I’ve changed a little since college…. little meaning the cup is half empty, half full, take it how you want to take it. So this year I was like “okay let me be serious and get a costume”. So I call my friend who is always down for whatever plan I come up with, wreckless or not, and we decided to work out a costume plan and make it “cute”, also know as slutty(we were thinking adding shorts and fish nets to whatever we would be, thats not too wreckless:-P). Even if the costume was Harry Potter and fellow wizards, we were wearing fish nets and shorts lol

Yeah this operation was immediately aborted because 1.we thought the party we were attending was another day and realized my friend wasn’t even available to attend even if she wanted to be; 2. our frugal minds continued to yell “DON’T SPEND TOO MUCH” and  Then! It started snowing and fish nets and shorts weren’t going to make the cut, so we would have to buy something else and that would lead us back to #2… yeah All bad. All drama! Then I came up with a plan B. I would just try to be something. Anything take a look ——————————————————————————This is what I was going for ——–/ Failed attempt number TWO. Right about now it was looking like and Un-happy halloween for me.

To add insult to injury, New york city is over populated and all the stores have lines like these————>


After all this drama and more snow, I just decided to meet up with some friends, drink a little(I said LITTLE) and go to a few parties. It always works out when you DON’T do the most. Lesson learned!

I had a great time, so good of a time that I had to blog about it and post some pics… and it was with some comics too! Who said we were boring?? Check out the pics below!

Even after a series of unfortunate events, there is a good time waiting on you, sometimes you just have to keep it simple;-)

I hope you all didn’t get caught in the halloween drama and had a good wreckless time 🙂


     Say Cheese!

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