Let it Go…..

Recently “Let it go” has made many special appearances in my life!

First off I love listening to Lupe’s “let it go” song off the laser album…

Then pretty recently I was given no explanation as to why I was cut off by someone who I thought was a friend but after worrying about it I figured it for the best and “let it go”

Found myself getting attached to things that weren’t for my best interest. Challenged myself to let it go. Currently on that challenge so I will chill on the details…

Was sleeping on an air mattress after three months in my new apartment…. had to let it go!

Stuck on wondering why this guy I had major interest in wasn’t contacting me enough, the way I wanted him to or didn’t want to hang out, had to let it go.

Had a huge fight with a sibling, still salty but I realize life is too short so I’m letting it go…

I went to church service while I was out of town and the pastor gave a sermon about being troubled and “letting go and letting God”

I’m about to take this laxative and “let it go” straight wreckless;-)

But by now you get the point. These are just simple/vague examples of the things I’ve decided to let go.

It can be to the point where I’m so over so much these days…. Just over it and the only thing left to do is let it go.

It can happen once and I realize “o naw, that can’t go down again”

Or it can be simple life’s worries and daily doings that aren’t positioning myself to where I want to be and not representing who I am…

either way “let it go”

I really need to let go of Sprint cell phone service… Okay!

Just like this blog isn’t saying much so ima let it go right now!

O and I recently found out that February is also chocolate month…. LET IT GO! Smh

Stay wreckless,


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