excuses Excuses!

Noun: An expression of regret for FAILURE to do something.

Verb. To try to remove blame from

This definition alone should make some of the excuses you come up with in life sound like BS and it is….

I’ve recently been dealing with a close one who has all the excuses in the world! While it has been making me furiously upset it has also forced me to take a look at my own self and realize I have my excuses as well.

Funny story, I use my phone to look up the definition and if you google Excuse, the first site to pop up is “the mother of excuses” where listed are 900 reasons not to do all sorts of activity. While I haven’t had to liberty of using the ones listed to break dates (I’m not popping in the streets like that), most of the excuses listed not to attend work nor school all sound familiar!!! Real wreckless!

Plain and simple ITS NO GOOD! An excuse is like a “would’ve should’ve could’ve but didn’t! You might as well be a HAS BEEN. Yeah I said it….

Its like how old ppl brag about how young they were… Meanwhile we see a youtube video of a 90 year old weight lifter….

Its like how ppl gain weight and all they talk about is how skinny they USED to be…. Or a bald headed person mention how long their hair was…. NO ONE CARES!

Its like how one day you look up and your life means nothing, you don’t do anything that makes you happy and all you want to do is “shit on ppl”….. #bitter

Yeah! NO GOOD!

so I woke up this morning in an awkward position of the bed, still cranky from dealing with an excuse bagger but then I made a personal decision to cut the BULL SHIT!

No more excuses!

Stay wreckless 😉


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