big girls don't cry

“Watch out for the big girls” just wreckless;-)

This blog title indeed references a song…. I’m going with Fergie’s ballad of “big girls don’t cry”…. This song would have been hilarious if she was implicating female’s weight. Just saying.

But no she was talking about age/maturity. I joke about not wanting to grow up, most times its more real than a joke but clearly I have no choice. So I consider myself a “big girl”.

These past recent weeks I haven’t had the best outcome with some of the decisions I’ve made. For instance, I decided to go to a salon off to get my hair trimmed. Did no research on the salon, just naively thought “who could possibly mess up a wash, blow dry and hair trim”. End result was indeed me finding out who could mess it up with half of my hair cut off in one section of my head to prove it!

My friend thought I should seek revenge by following the hair stylist after work and cut his hair when he least expect it. Another suggested I pour some kind of mixture of nair on him, or even just contact the goons to make him feel the pain I felt. Real wreckless! Its some evil people out here in the streets.

Ultimately I had to be a big girl. I did cry, A LOT, but I recognized it was indeed my fault for engaging in foolish activity. Even when I was at the salon something told me to just leave. I had this same instinct at the wash bowl, walking to the chair, and sitting down in the chair but being stubborn, it was over for me before it started.

There are a lot of big girl lessons that you can take from this situation!

Now I’m back to ground zero. Right where I started around this same time last year with my hair… Talk about digress:-/ but the damage could have been worst(big girl attitude) so I guess I’m lucky… I swear this was some kind of hate crime… But that’s another story for another day.

Moral of the situation is be a big girl, don’t deny it and remember big girls don’t cry…. IN PUBLIC!! Lol

Stay wreckless,


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