Discipline. D-I-S-C-I…. okay I was going to spell it out but you get it… noun form is defined as the training to act in accordance with rules, branch of learning; punishment. Verb form is the act of all that; to bring under control, exercise.

Knowing that I’m a rebel, correction a wreckless rebel, I struggle with discipline quite often. I know what I need to do but often time tend to do other things instead. I’m pretty sure we all do. And if you don’t kudos to you and your rules!

Rules! Rules! Rules! Rules! I don’t think I like rules:/

In all honesty if I didn’t grow up as a snitching high school wanna be goody-two-shoes I probably wouldn’t mind making rules for myself but since thats not the case, sometimes I just give in to temptation of stirring up trouble.

And that’s exactly the emotional outcome: TROUBLED!!!! Had to play that Alicia Keys song on repeat just to stop my thoughts from going on and on and on and on…. I think you get it..

But yeah at the end of the day I realized I need to stop running from what I truly need; Discipline.

This is where you commit to yourself to do something and do it. If you don’t discipline yourself. Look in the mirror and scream at yourself and make yourself feel horrible!! lol no I’m kidding. Often times the consequences manifest itself but you can create your own such as decreasing your social activity or even that mani/pedi that you “treat” yourself to. Just make it happen!

This can be regards to your eating habits, spiritual habits, work habits, beauty regimen, exercise, and business habits.

They say if you was something different in life you have to take different measures. Can’t keep eating the way you did when you had ashy elbows and double chins if you no longer want ashy elbows and double chins (shout out to Precious) Just wreckless lol

So yeah after this week of crazy events(I swear my life is a movie), I’ve decided to buckle down, put my seat belt on, take my flinstone vitamins and stick to a plan to attain what I want out of life.

Its kind of like how I log on to facebook and twitter religiously. Even though it doesn’t require much effort thats how it will eventually come if I apply discipline, I just have to believe it to achieve it!

Besides if everything came easy then everybody would do it. There would be nothing to work hard for. Just a boring, life of ease and no challenge.

So if you been running from discipline, keep running because then I could look at you and say, “whew I’m glad I’m not them” lol

In the mean time I’m about to close my current checking account with this bank and re-open another one so I can get this $125 gift card. Thats discipline:-P Don’t let the system work you, work the system:-)

Stay wreckless!


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