Enjoy yourself

Since Friday night after I performed in Brooklyn, I found myself a comfy position inside due to the potential expectations of the natural disaster, Hurrican Irene…. *cues up suspense music* dum dum dum

Im sure like many others no one wanted to spend time during Hurricane Irene ALONE! *loud terrified scream*

So in my desperate attempts for a hurricane boo, I found myself hitting up people that I know I shouldn’t have. I think it was society’s pressure. I can’t take the pressure!!! All of those articles indicating what you HAD TO do during this preparation for a natural disaster…. Just ridiculous. Mind you I didn’t fill up the bathroom tub, get a flashlight, stock up on food, nor charge all electronics but I did seek a Hurricane boo! Wreckless…

Anyway I ended up with my big sister and after listening to her three hour conversation of her on the phone, I found myself feeling ALONE anyway! Can’t win for losing… so we pretty much stayed on opposite ends of the apartment and conversed when necessary with occasional tweets and facetime when it was time to eat. Pretty much it left me light weight(this means a little) bummed. Then I came up with this great idea to “eat, sleep, and tweet”, where all I do is eat, sleep, and obnoxiously tweet for the hell of it…. Not very productive but ended up being extremely entertaining.

I contacted a lot of friends and everyone was pretty much bored and I thought about how it really is important to know how to enjoy yourself even when you are forced to…. It’s kind of like going to see a movie alone and you feel weird because you know it would be so much better if you had someone to laugh and discuss the movie with….

As much as I was trying to avoid it… it happened anyway, I ended up enjoying some “me time”. After the fact I realized it wasn’t that bad… I gave myself a facial, oiled my scalp, did a rendition of a mani/pedi and enjoyed a tall glass of sangria while listening to music and laughing at how I messed up lyrics in the past and just now figuring it out.  R. Kelly says “If the shoe fits, wear it girl… not wear it hurt” a true mess! I even have a few pictures to share….. not too wreckless but wreckless enough to post on the internet knowing my future husband is out there viewing them…. Anyway enjoy!

Feel free to leave comments as to how you spent your time this weekend! I hope all are safe and I am glad Irene wasn’t to destructive:-)



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