Just in case… the Just in case happens

Recently I’ve been reaffirming the proactive approach in my life; being prepared for the just in case, just in case it happens.


Not proactive as in the acne products but since we on the subject…. You ever notice how in their commercials the ‘before’ pictures look better than the ‘after’ pictures. Like I really feel like acne adds to people’s character. Like you just went from being sponge bob square pants to just a sponge. Right….

Anyway the proactive approach is pretty much to be proactive instead of reactive.

Its anticipation of what could happen and preparing yourself for it.

Now my dude Andre 3000 says “you can paint a pretty picture but you can’t predict the weather” which is indeed true. But when you walk outside and its cloudy, please leave home with your umbrella instead of getting caught in the rain, leave off the bus, and walking home looking like you in a scene of “the notebook” facing an inner self conflict.

The proactive approach is something I often apply to my business practices and believe it or not at my job (most people know I don’t like working at work) but even less serious a day to day thing.

For instance. You see your friend standing alone cold and before they even ask, you hand them a jacket.

Or just like you prepare more than enough water for an audience because you know it will be over crowded.

These are two simple examples of the proactive approach.

Its like leaving Brooklyn at 6am and only taking a book in your bag. No! you need a “stayover” kit, some shades, a sweater, a book, an ipod, some heels, a sewing kit, magazines, food, your phone charger, and even more. Just in case the just in case happens because you know what type of things you deal with on a daily.

Besides if you live in a big city like New York you MUST prepare for every season to happen in one day, feeding the homeless, changing outfits for a different event or even getting arrested…. #justSaying

Of course if you get arrested then your should proactively think about who you are making that one phone to;-) Thats the wreckless proactive approach…lol


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