Make a list, Write it down

Its that time again… Back to school… Well at least for the kids down south.

I almost forgot about the whole process of preparing to return to what as a kid, we missed even during the summer of fun. School

I recently visited my hometown, Atlanta… I swear if my orthodontist wasn’t there I wouldn’t be there as much! This long distant relationship is killing me *Brandy’s voice*!

Anyway my sister asked me if I could take my niece back-to-school shopping. Me being the loving aunt that I am, lol, I obliged. Of course I was a little stubborn to the cause. My sister suggested I take her to Target but Walmart was right there so why not…. That’s just how I do sometimes, rebellious w/out a cause 🙂

So I kept asking my niece, “what do you need?” and okay I get it… As a shy 13 year old, when your aggressive aunt asks you a simple question, you may act foolish and numb but I was seriously just asking for a list.

So we pull up to walmart and proceed to walk in and I ask again, “what do you need” and this time her timid response didn’t cut it. I stopped at the entrance, pulled out a piece of paper and pen and said, “were making a list and anything that isn’t on here, we will not get”.

I know this sounds a bit tough but she got to thinking real quick and we formed a list. Granted I did let her get the white out that wasn’t on the list but I did explain to her the importance of a list and writing things down.

Before with out a list, we were wanderers…. People with no cause. We were viable to walk into to Walmart and get caught up in the ice cream/ breakfast isle or in the pet aisle buying dog food for an iguana… Just wreckless!

But after making a list and writing it down, we became voyagers with a purpose, seeking our treasure like in the book, “the alchemist”. Okay it may not be that deep but you get the point. We then had a focus and goal. Walk in, get what we need, and walk out. Mission accomplished.

With out the list the mission was foolish. “Foolish like Ashanti”

So what will you be in life? A wanderer or a voyager?

I bet a wanderer is more entertaining though! Lol

Wrecklessly written,


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  1. Nzingha Murphy
    August 6, 2011 / 7:08 pm

    Love it!!!

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