Don't let life past you by!

First and foremost rest in peace to those who have recently passed away, famous and non famous. Its a been a lot going on in the news recently….They say life is too short so we should live each day like its our last. I wouldn’t take that ode too far because you could end up with worst debt and cursing some people out that you will end up seeing tomorrow… Point is we can’t take life for granted….

This weekend I was fortunate to see Femi, the late Fela’s son, and his band perform in Prospect Park. It was awesome! HOT. But awesome. Nonetheless I went with a fam-friend who was in town from Atlanta and she connected us with her mother’s friend who had to be at least 50 years of age.

Anyway we had a good time and it was leaning pass 11pm and the mother’s friend decided it was time to go. As we were leaving she mentioned that she had to be up at 4am that next morning for work. Now for anyone who knows me I usually work the 630am shift at my job so I was taken aback to hear that someone at the age past 50 is still taking those measures to enjoy life.

So I asked her, “now why would you be hanging out this late when you have work in the morning?” She replied, “well I could either let life pass me by or….”

I immediately cut her off and told her to say no more because I got it.

My philosophy in life is when your doing something that seems so foolish but makes so much sense…. Do it anyway!

Even if that means walking into work with your dress on and heels in your hand accented with the same make-up you wore to the club! Wash your face, take a bird bath and do it the next day!

Just don’t let life pass you by;-)

Wreckless as usual,


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