Change of Address

About a month ago my aunt sent me a certified packet in the mail announcing my “required” change of address. Even thought the situation had absolutely NOTHING to do with her, it was indeed time for me to leave my grandma’s house; spread my wings on my own….

Its true when they say “two many grown people can’t live together”. Its also true when they say there is a difference between visiting your family  and living with them. (I don’t know who they are so don’t ask me!)

(codependent disclaimer coming in 5….4…..3…..2….)

Staying with my family wasn’t the worst my position in life but it just ran it’s course.

Now this blog’s purpose isn’t to air out family business nor drama but just as I do on stage, I use my experiences for comical relief and exposed life lessons.

The beginning statement of the letter read, “we regret to inform you”….. as if I was a stranger…. This made me furious and I may have lost and hour of sleep when I received the letter. It took all of me not to make an angry facebook status or rant on twitter(mind you this is equivalent to punching a pillow or counting to ten with my generation) but first I had to evaluate what made me so upset. Yes the letter made me feel certain type of ways but it was only assuring me that I was closer to finding a peace of mind.

You see… I have no regrets about my new change of address. My own space:-) Who would’ve known there would be such a huge difference! I joke about being tired of living by rules: your parent’s rules, to your school’s rules, and to your job’s rules. But here, my own space, there are no rules! Well…. there are my rules:-) And who would’ve known a change of address would evoke a change of mindset.

Let me tell you about my rules….

I must leave my underwear in the sink because I can

I must play my music loud enough all day because I can

I must wash laundry whenever the hell I want to because I can

I must talk on my phone as loud as I want and laugh with my tongue out even if its not that funny because I can

and I must walk around butt naked because I can and possibly may evoke a peeping Tom incident and cause drama in my life because I can!

wreckless! but in all seriousness I must enjoy myself.

With this change of address, I celebrate my change of mindset as to what I want in my life and what I can handle. All a learning process and not a open-ended process.

Side story but still relevant—–I’m in the process of putting together a few shows and I was talking to a fellow comic and he was explaining to me that I would have to guarantee some bars a certain minimum of money. And easily the question of “what will happen if I don’t make the minimum” came to mind. He said, “thats thinking backwards, think forwards, you will make the minimum”. Nice….

Those sentiments were synonymous to my apprehension about moving out on my own. “what if I fail?” “what if I can’t handle it?” “what if I get evicted and its posted all over the news and they sell my stuff on ebay?”(a bit dramatic but thats what fear does to you)

But yeah I’m no longer thinking backwards! I’m thinking forward! From this new apartment I should be in my roof top penthouse (with a plant on the terrace) in no time!!! I’m claiming it!

So celebrate my change of address with your change of mindset and think forward!

but keep it wreckless;-)



  1. Brittney B
    July 12, 2011 / 6:31 am

    I dig this! Keep pushing! Let me know when ur next show is!

  2. Big G
    July 12, 2011 / 6:17 pm

    Nicely done, Aminah! So proud…

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