Get your life together…….

“I gotta get my life together”

This has to be my life’s mantra! Every second, minute, hour, and day I repeat this phrase with the intention of doing better than I did prior to that moment….

I was texting my friend and I told him, “get your life together”. He responded with the question, “how do I do that?”

I simply responded “do what works and is right then do more of it”

I stress the word DO! Because I know some people are like myself and can talk about what we intend to do or what will happen but ultimately what we are doing is the determining factor of results.

I recently had the opportunity to hang out with Celtic’s ball player, Kevin Garnett and he said the best advice I can give you is “be consistent”.

That spoke volumes to myself because I work hard at times but it made me evaluate how consistent my efforts were….

Are you consistent?

My friend is a performer and wanted to build a website but had the insecurity of her lack of accomplisments and achievements… She expressed her apprehension  to me and I asked her “well when was the last time you went on an audition” she replied “last month” I said “well do more”.

You can’t win an oscar sitting on the couch… Now that’s wreckless!

At the end of the day no one is perfect, Don’t you need to get your life together?

Of course! We all do! That’s why it’s important to take consistent strides towards our ultimate goal:-)

So go mess up a few more times but remember to get your life together;-)

Wreckless of course,


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  1. Nana P
    July 3, 2011 / 4:42 am

    Hey girl
    I feel you on this one. You really made me think , i think sometimes we are afraid to take that last step that will bring us where we need to go or be at. great one!!
    I Really enjoyed reading it, thanks

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