Letter to President Obama

Yeah so I read in the news the other day that this single mother is selling her letter from President Obama for $10,000 and another woman sold her letter for $7,000!!!! Apparently they wrote letters to President Obama about their struggle and hardship and he responded with some words of a President, you know that “change” stuff and now they getting BENJAMINS! No offense to President Obama but like Puff said “ITS ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS BABY”

So thats what brings me to blog tonight. I want to write to my president about my struggle and hardship so hopefully he writes more than a few sentences and I can sell it for $20,000. Im thinking if I make this letter that bad, President Obama will send me a few words equivalent to the “Audacity of Hope”!!!! Lets go…..

President Obama!

You wouldn’t believe what happened to me the other day. I was on the way to a JOB interview…. mind you I have a degree but the best thing I found was a position at Popeyes buttering the biscuits. Its nice to know the American Dream includes graduating from college to become a biscuit butterer, don’t you think? Anyway I was on my way when my heel broke! OMG! Do you know the only store available to purchase another shoe was this “vintage boutique” and these prices were ridiculous! My dude! The word vintage should be another name for high priced hand me downs! So I just went barefoot, straight thug style! SMH…. By the way if you could follow me on twitter that would be great. Did I tell you I was an artist? Obama every day I wake up to the smell of food that I can not eat. You want to know why? Because my family teases me! I was convinced that I was adopted. Obama I can barely even write this letter because I can’t focus! My life is hardship. My picture should be printed next to the word HARDSHIP with an LOL smiley face just because…. Man so much has went down… ummmm can you just write me back some few words of wisdom… Im getting to lazy to even write this….

wrecklessly written,


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