Two Wrongs

This past week I just witnesses the craziest event ever on new Yorks public transportation! This superseeds the black male stripper, the Mexican magician with serpents and rabbits in a cart, the aggressive African conscious drummers demanding respect and acknowledgement and the homeless lady announcing everyday how she “JUST” got out of the hospital and needs money.

Yeah i know that seems like a lot but here’s this story:

So it all started when I walked in to the situation while this black female was shop lifting from the newsstand on the train concourse. I was unsure of what was going on but i put two and two together because the Arab seller was reluctant to sell me a bottle of water (which makes me want my dollar back) as he had his eyes on the same black female the entire sell. That stare he was giving this girl is indescribable but If looks could kill we were all assassinated!

So i thought to myself “wow! What is this girl doing stealing a bag of sour pach from this newstand” and I thought “I hope he let’s it go”

Anyway I walk away to mind my business because if it isn’t one thing I take from this city it’s “mind your business” but now after this incident I’m not sure if that was the best decision.

So I walk along the concourse to see what time the next uptown train is coming and I look to my left and two girls are walking backwards in shock…. I go to take a look(this is me NOT minding my business lol) and the Arab seller is making multiple blows to the black lady’s head with a steel bat! Off instinct I scream, “noooooo that’s a female! Stop! Over some sour patch though” this guy is literally trying to toss the girl off the train tracks and everything. It was ridiculous!

People then crowd around shouting “stop” one girl pulls out her camera and records some of the incident. Eventually he stops, his newstand is a little trashed, the black girl flees the scene and the police arrives and orders him to close up shop after we all tell the police officer what we had just witnessed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! But it made me think to myself “would I beat someone with a bat over a pack of sour patch” lol I’m kidding.

But it made me think about the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” and that’s my song too:-) thanks wyclef…. But yeah what do you do when someone does you wrong and you want revenge?

I say let it be…. Cuz which wrong is worst? The lady knowing how to SAY zinfandel or me not knowing how to SPELL it? lol

Let me focus but anyway…

One the girl shouldn’t have been stealing
Two the man shouldn’t have beaten her with a steal bat

and Most importantly

Three it’s all not worth it!

Two wrongs do not make it right!

This guy not only lost business for the day but his newsstand was trashed and he may even face losing his license, ultimately LOSING (Charlie sheen style!) all because he wanted to seek revenge with the wrong approach!

So next time your done wrong please don’t take it upon yourself to beat the person with a bat…. Use a shoe, it’s less painful:-P




  1. Amin Muhammed
    June 13, 2011 / 11:37 pm

    Shawty what brand of bat was this???

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