laughs to the 24 big ones!

Soooo what’s good people?!?! A LOT has happened this month!!!! First of all why is May over already?! Can somebody please tell me this??? Everyday I say “I need to get my life together” and I swear three hundred and sixty five days WILL pass and I will feel like just yesterday!!! I gotta keep up! okay…. enough with the dramatics!

so yeah! your girl is an old lady!!! 24! I can’t even get down like I used too! Knees throbbing and back aching already!!! I’m up there with grandma yall!!! Too much!

Anyway this was my First comedy show production and it turned out GREAT!!!! I owe a hug thank you to Mark Pearson II, Hadiyah Robinson, Joyelle Johnson, Del Harrison, Kibibi Dillon, and Mie-me! I hosted the show, put together the event and people showed up and loved it!!! Expect more shows to come and check out the pics from this show!!! Click the link



Best thing about this show was that it fell on a wreckless wednesday!!! Its gets no better!



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