Make it a PRIORITY to mess up!

Priorities. The most important word in my life right now!

Every decision I make requires me to evaluate my priorities. From small decisions like what to eat for breakfast, what to wear, what bus to take to work then there are big decisions like what to talk about on stage, what to start out with on stage, and what to do with my life!!!!

Low key I prefer making small decisions and I like to make them difficult to decide so I can buy more time from having to make the big decisions. It works for me all the time. So by the time I have to make the big decisions I have to make them impulsively and even though there may be negative consequences it gives me a thrill. Its like living life on edge minus the actual bungee jump and sky dives! This way you don’t compromise dying, the only compromise is suffering! Thats not too bad right? lol

What I’m saying is I like messing up! So I’m telling you to mess up.

Wreckless, I know but it works! You make it a PRIORITY to mess up!

My philosophy is why fix it when its funny broken!

I know. This is a pure example of Comedy taken to the ultimate extreme. The ultimate sacrifice for what I love:-)

But seriously even in this little twisted funny philosophy there is a lesson……

Its like that story in the book,”The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, which I do suggest you start reading and don’t finish just so you can tell yourself everyday, “I need to get my life together” lol. But yeah in the book it reads, “the secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon.” Pretty much the book explained a man having to hold a spoon with oil in it and was told to make sure it doesn’t spill. Meanwhile his focus was so focused on not spilling the oil, he missed out on everything. Couldn’t tell anyone about anything. Then he was told to carry the same spoon and enjoy the beauty of the palace later to realize all the oil was spilled. Deep right?

So what I’m saying is take three or four spoons of oil and grease your scalp, elbows and don’t forget your ashy feet to slip and slide through the days of life. But make it a PRIORITY to mess up!

Its a great way to eliminate the thoughts of doubt, failure, and lack of confidence…

So when I make small decisions on what bus to take to work, I make sure I take chances even if I may be late:-P besides I want to be fired anyway so I can laugh about it.

just wreckless, just me;-)



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