Can I get a *snap* *snap*

Ever since I was little I knew I had a few rhymes up my sleeves! I actually was in a music group along with my twin sister and two friends. I’m sure everybody was in a group at some point of their life! We thought we were hot stuff! Honestly I must share some lyrics from a song I remember… here it is:

“Excuse me! what you doing with my man, Im the master plan, I aint a girl name Pam. I got the rhythm to the funky beat and Ill kick your butt down the street”

Out of control right? You really couldn’t tell us anything as 5th graders.

Anyway so recently I have been missing the bus a lot! Not just local transportation but I’m talking your girl was sitting in Philly at the transportation authority looking homeless!!! So I got to thinking…. “what’s worst? missing the bus as it pulls off in your face or arriving at the location knowing its gone?” Either way it hurts and I wrote a funny, of course wreckless, poem about my bus riding experiences. Enjoy~

Wow I can’t believe I just missed the bus

I knew I was running late thats why I rushed

Maybe its the black in me or that bag lady syndrome

Either way I wouldn’t even have to deal with this if I had a better income!

Like Alicia Keys sang, “Why do I feel so sad” cuz when I arrived at the bus stop and it pulled away

I felt like it wripped my dignity and made it seem okay

NAW BRUH! that ish aint cool

My name is AMINAH, Im too cool for scool

If you didn’t know you better ask somebody

I’m from the A where the people say “AYE SHAWTAAY”

All I know is you better believe I’ll be on the next bus

and this time my head is “jumping out the window” looking for others who rushed.

“can I get a window seat? Don’t want nobody next to me, I just wanna take a ticket out of town….”


Straight Forest Gump style “seats taken”

Shout out to the men with car keys on the bus always faking!

You know what? Im making a complaint!

Because I’m only human not a pure saint.

The bus need to wait for me and hold a sistah down.

Treat me like the nubian queen I am wearing my crown.

You can not tell me that I’m asking for much

cuz when I’m waiting… when does it EVER hurry up??

All I’m saying is it takes two to tango

So lets hit the grocer and split a mango

Sharing is caring, each on teach one, you know the laws of ethics; ALL THAT

so Mr. bus driver if you see me running, don’t pull off, FALL BACK

so yall can prevent my future poetry attacks

cuz at the end of the day missing the bus is SO WAKK!!!!!!!!

*snap* *snap*

I’d like to thank my mama for hindering me with bad financial habits and now I’m on the bus.

wrecklessly written,


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