Just Keep Swimming

First and foremost “Finding Nemo” was that ultimate movie!!!! It was especially special to me because my nephew was like two or three at the time the movie released and all we did was make quotes from the movie together and that strengthened our bond…. Like when the turtles in the movies bumped head and said, “Noggin” we used to do the same exact thing!!!! It was so sweet:-) Up until that great, awesome movie “The Incredibles” came out and I was destroyed that my nephew cared NOTHING about Nemo anymore… I’m still a little hurt from that:-(

Anyway the point is “just keep swimming”! Thats one memorable quote from the movie “Finding Nemo”. Not to mention is was quoted by the cooky character, Dori(that’s my homie). Dori was that dude! Nemo never wanted to listen to her because he thought she was crazy. “Crazy” people always say the most profound things…! Yall better listen! I don’t care if its a crackhead with no shoes on… most of the things that our said in our presence is meant for us to hear;-)

Recently and more often I kept having to remind myself to “just keep swimming”.

Ever catch yourself in moments where you beat yourself up? You feel like what your doing is not enough, helpless, defeated, drained, washed up, and just mentally distraught. Well if you haven’t then LUCKY YOU and give me your life NOW! before I take it fool! lol

But if you have I suggest not giving those thoughts too much power and remind yourself to “just keep swimming”

This quote serves me both literally and figuratively because all my life I have been swimming, yup I’m a nemo! and it’s CRAZY how many life lessons and events remind me of competitive swimming…. but my coach Tommy always said “swimming is life” and that’s exactly what it is.

Coach Tommy knew best! Dang I miss that dude, let me go call him….. lol but my favorite philosophy from him is, “swimming is 80% mental and 20% physical” #cosign

In most aspects of my life i am just a small fish swimming in a big sea but I have to start accepting that I am a Big fish in a small sea because of the Greatness that I desire…

its easy to stray from the focus too…. running into sharks, clams, seaWEED and all but just remind yourself to “Just keep Swimming”

Don’t you dare get caught up on that seaWEED neither it will make you act like DORI! lol

Stay wreckless and keep swimming DUDES!



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