Pop that cherry!!! With a Hart;-)

First time for everything! I’m new to my comedy journey…. This being evident because I’m under two years but also because most of my experiences are the very first time!
Its like I’m a new born baby with several virginities!

You know…. Like….

First smile
First poop
First steps
First tooth
First sin

Yeah all that

But in the comedy world it’s more like….

First performance
First heckler
First applause break
First arrest! Lol

Anyway the infamous idiom “don’t underestimate the power of a mouse compared to a lion” (if that even is an idiom because i tend to make things up in my head) but this comes to mind when I think of the largely hysterical short comic, Kevin Hart.

This week I had the pleasure of seeing him perform in Newark, NJ! This was the first solo Stand-up performance done by a famous comic (aside from comedy shows held at my college) that I have witnessed and it was beautiful!

Kevin Hart popped my cherry!

….Well one of them;-)

It was cool! He laid it on me light….

Just a back drop with his name, a mic, a stool, and a bottle of water. O and of course Kevin Hart!

Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen many DVDs and watched several specials on the internet and on tv but it came alive for me last night sitting in the audience! It was amazing! And as aspiring comedian, it was beautifully overwhelming because its something to look forward to! All I could think was “I could see me doing this” it was great!

First off arriving to the New Jersey performing arts center and seeing all of my beautiful black people come out to see one guy perform was already it for me!

Then it was show time. You had your host and two opening comics who held it down! Shout out to Joey Wells(host) Spank and Naem Lynn for getting the crowd nice and loose! The crowd was more than ready!

Then Kevin hits the stage and before he says anything the crowd goes CRAZY!!!!!!! He got a huge Warm welcome and embrace! I look around the auditorium in awe….

He had to pause for the “we love you Kev” “say it with your chest” “Kevin” dude pretty much stands in confidence and humility while it continues….

He finally speaks! First thing he says “I can’t make this up, true story” crowd explodes! It’s like they already know what Kevin is about to say before her even says it!

Finally Kevin hits the audience with a fast pace, live, dramatic comical spill of his life! It was beautiful! The call backs, the word play, act-outs, rolls,body language, facial expressions, improv, and the honesty was so apparent and real!
The crowd was gasping to breathe from the laughter, sending myself chills:-)

I was sooo glad I came and had the opportunity to experience a live solo show and even meet the short and tiny package, Kevin Hart. No like he saw eye to eye with my tities! I almost wanted to pet him! Lol

What I took most from this experience was that you could tell that the crowd appreciated Kevin Hart for his humor but even above that they appreciated him most for who he is! His mannerisms, personality, and charisma….

A voice in my head just kept saying, “be you aminah, just be you”! Very well appreciated…..

I know I’m guilty of getting caught up in who I want to be as oppose to just being…. It was a great time and I when I met him, I didn’t even go crazy with questions or even ask Kevin Hart “what does it take, what do I need to do?”

I said “great show, it was a pleasure watching you, my name is Aminah and I’m the future” translation for “take me home and put me to night night, you feels me?!” lol

Just wreckless;-)

As always!



check me and your boy out! 

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