Its just one of those days….

Monica sang it best!!!!
“Its just one of them days! When I want to be all alone. Its just one of them days, when I gotta be all alone”

Please! Please don’t take it personal!

I wasn’t even born alone, I was born with a twin. The youngest of seven, on a swim team from the age six, soccer team, track team, cheerleading team, church group, group projects, some what I called “relationships”, then I developed a circle of friends that I thought was end all be all…. When was I ever alone?!?!

Then I moved to New York and BOOM! All on my own! Just me, myself, and I. I’m not going to lie, I was depressed for a while about it….. Not that many people called to check on me neither and I said to myself, “other people’s actions makes it easier for you to make a decision” and “look at me now”!

I appreciate my alone time. Prefer it more often now too! My alone time escapes me from entertaining people, seeking entertainment, planning, caring, sharing, staring, daring, swearing, pairing, yeah all that “ing” activity! I do write, read, snoop around, and even blog w/out the “ing” activity:-P (this makes sense only in my head)

Ill even turn down a comedy show for my alone time! Now that’s OD!


Today is just one of those days!

What do you do on your alone time?

Whatever it is stay wreckless!


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