Heckle Heckle

Heckle heckle

What’s good my wreckless people?! Finally getting some nice weather coming in to new York city!!! Finally! Now I can let this dude go! Lol. This weather extended break-up season!

Yeah and lets not talk about TIME!!! Time is going by sooooo fast! I keep telling myself to keep up! My two year comedy anniversary is around the corner and I’m turning 24 big ones next month! Get at me!!!

Anyway so I had a few booked shows this weekend fri-sun so things were a little hectic! Laundry still isn’t wasn’t done from last month and I haven’t done my chores…. Hopefully I won’t get a whipping! It’s hard out here for a pimp!

So yeah during this beautiful comedy journey of mine I have dealt with all of three hecklers!

One at Uptown comedy corner who yalled at me “you lame”  as if we were still in middle school and proceeded to try and boo me!

Another one in Brooklyn… this crippled black dude who propositioned to purchase me! smh

and another one in the Bronx…. this drunk lady thinking she was helping by yelling in agreement at me during my set… lets just say her outfit helped me sit her down!

All other hundreds of times I’ve performed people are just respectful, listen, and….. O right whatelse…… LAUGH because that what you do at a comedy show!

Some comics say you aren’t a real comic if you haven’t had a heckler so considering I had FIVE Saturday night, I feel I have officially earned another comedy stripe!!!

So yeah I was at Joe Franklin’s comedy club Saturday night! I love that comedy club! Yeah but pretty much there were five white Drunk Jews in the front by the stage… When they walked in I knew they were drunk and they gave the comic before me a really HARD time! And guess who was next! Yep! tWas I! I didn’t know how I was going to approach the situation and believe it or not I get the complete opposite if how I should be…. yep! I’m nice!

But no more Ms. Nice Aminah because I was crucified!!! The Jews took it too far!!!! (feels good to say this, lol) Drunk, loud, obnoxious, boisterous, and loquacious! One Jew even had the nerve to talk on his cell phone and lets not even discuss the personal conversations they were having amongst themselves. One even had the nerve to yell, “Im trying to get them to shut up! You are doing good, keep going” SMH

It was a rough TEN minutes and I probably told all of TWO jokes! And they made me sweat! EWWW! lol Tough workout! But what can I say, I’m learning!

Definitely a good set to analyze to see how I could’ve handled things differently and insults that really should’ve been said! I probably gave it waaayyyy too much attention, didn’t throw enough insults, nor comand control but all in all I had fun and found a new hate for white Jews…. Wreckless! Wreckless! Wreckless!

As always! Gotta be consistent:-P




  1. April 18, 2011 / 2:42 pm

    Ok, wait… Why are u pointing out that they were Jewish? Wreckless Racism! Lol

  2. Big Sis
    April 19, 2011 / 10:02 pm

    Sis, You know you got this! Tell them hecklers to get a life. You have one. LOL… I know lame but that’s why you have the job. Stay Strong… Besos.

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