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Yeah yeah I went back to school…. comedy got me…. I know, I can’t believe it either!

Now one may think, “you can be taught how to be funny” or another may think, “you don’t need school to be a comedian” but none of those thoughts mattered to me when I made the decision last August to do this one-year comedy program at American Comedy Institute!

Here’s the scoop! American Comedy Institute is located here in New York. They offer workshops, classes, one-on-one private sessions and the One year program to be PROFESSIONALLY trained in comedy or simply to learn about it and pursue careers in comedy if compelled.

I highlighted professional because although we have fun, there is always business to tend to. Usually those who handle it well excel. #carryon

Now I found this place off google when I first moved to New York last January. To be honest I was a little frustrated with myself on stage but didn’t want to break down and commit suicide (it be like that), so I sought workshop classes. I’m not oppose to taking classes because I went through four years at a University and learned a lil something something. So after I found out about a writing workshop, I thought, “hey why not”.

Well the “hey why not” was pretty obvious because I didn’t have the money but when do I ever let that deter me?! I’m broke phi broke as a state of mind not a state of being(refer to my Broke phi Broke blog if confused)! So I called up the fam and gave the “this is what I really want to do” spill and not to my surprise, my family came through with the money and I took the workshop!

The workshop was about four weeks and then we had a performance at Gotham Comedy Club and things went great! Thats where you see my tight five minute set on youtube video with good laughs! Click here to check it out!

So after the successful workshop, I was informed about the one-year program and I’m a huge believer of when things are brought to my awareness for a reason! I was very indecisive about doing the program and when I reached out to other comedians for advice, they were highly opposed to it. Majority agreed that our school was on stage and comedy school was unnecessary. I understood where they were coming from and It was a lot to think about it. Even though the program cost major stacks I decided that I could deal with doing the program and not enjoying it rather than not doing the program and wondering “should’ve, could’ve would’ve”. Real

So since September until this past week I was in comedy school Monday-Thursday 6-9pm taking acting, improv, writing, and performing classes! VERY INTENSE!

It was a lot especially with a full time job and performing my set at least 4-6 times a week in the evenings after classes and on weekends then still trying to entertain friends and social life. BUT I wouldn’t trade it for the world and was even considering doing it again because it kept me disciplined and focused majority of the time.

I can honestly say that I have gained a lot from this program! A close network of comedian comrades, a mentor, resources, professional training, resume builder, and a wonderful experience as a whole.

Now its time to perform the sketches that we worked on and our best of our best stand-up comedy material at the industry show this Wednesday at Gotham Comedy Club, W 23rd & 7th ave, 7pm. Come if you can! I promise you will enjoy it!!!! Below I included the info about the American Comedy Institute, if interested.

remember keep it wreckless! Aint no shame in my game! playa, patna dem


American Comedy Institute
The New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Avenue,
Suite 736
New York, NY 10001
(212) 279-6980

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