Whats up wreckless people!!!!

Soooo yeah as an artist about my BUSINESS  I took some headshots!

First off I don’t like taking pictures at all! The whole posing thing with lights and close up on make-up is just yucky! Then you have to sit there and pose and smile. I like those “in the moment” pictures. Just the entire idea of having to take myself serious for any period of time is ridiculous. lol

I remember my first one-on-one photo shoot for graduation thank-you cards and I just felt like a LOSER! I don’t know what it is and its not a huge difference from taking school pictures but its something about headshots and photo shoots that freak me out. Big up to OFFICIAL models serving major sexy and giving intense looks on print. I respect your work! I’m no model even though people mistake me of it ALL the time (toot toot! sometimes you have to toot your own horn) but yeah its hard work!

Anyway yeah… it was time for some new head shots. The two that I considered head shots either didn’t look like me nor had a professional look to them so I contacted a few people I knew to make something happen but on a budget!!! People are paying anywhere from $300-$1000 or more for head shots!!!! Yall better get that money, I can’t even be mad! I figured when I’m making that kind of money thats when I will invest until then I will work with what I have.

It is so true that you learn more the more you do something and from taking photos before I wanted a different photographer. Not saying the ones I worked with before were dull or anything, I just knew that I wanted a fresh start and also wanted to consider someone who talked a lot and would make me feel a little more comfortable about feeling stupid.

I knew I couldn’t be too picky with a budget but my comedian friend suggested I contact another comedian who I won’t name because of his unprofessional mannerisms so I did. HUGE mistake!!! Comedians are funny people but unprofessional isn’t too hilarious! We scheduled a date to take photos and even until NOW I haven’t heard from this guy to inform me that our session is cancelled. The last thing I got from this dude was a text saying, “me and my wife are arguing, she says the apartment isn’t clean” Ill assume that is a cancellation notice…. yeah…. I know right, A HOT A** MESS! So to the people who are out there complaining about their success not measuring up to your talent please evaluate your PROFESSIONALISM!!!

Thats why i give a HUGE kudos to the photographer John Flowers who did my new photos! I literally contacted him last minute and we scheduled a time immediately! He followed through in a timely manner, offered me more than one available time and also had a professional work environment to take the photos!  He is handsome! was easy to work with, even though I still felt silly but thats just me being retarded, and he even offered me pizza(they say a way to Aminah’s heart is through her stomach) WIN! WIN! WIN!

Anyway I posted a few pics on my website www.aminahimani.com and my face book fan page aminah-the-comedian-imani

So check them out!!!! Also here is the photographer’s info as well!!!

John Flowers – Photographer”
For All Your Photograpy Needs
Phone: (917) 459 – 3272
Email: mrflowersphotos@gmail.com
Web: http://www.johnflowersphotos.com/
Blog: http://mrflowersphotos.wordpress.com

Stay wreckless people!


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  1. April 8, 2011 / 6:01 pm

    Wow, that was so nice of you Aminah. Man, just for that…. I’m going to send you random pictures from the shoot that I edit and update every once in a while for the rest of the month. That was by far the best feedback I’ve gotten, definitely some testimonial material. You thought I was handsome too?, now that’s what’s up… Let’s go get a drink later, lol…. Thank you sis, I really appreciate your kind words and look forward to working with you again…

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