Broke Phi Broke

I once said something prolific about broke people…….. “being broke can either be a state of mind or a state of being”

It made sense in my head but after I said it I laughed at myself because is it really that deep???

I say yes it is. Let me explain.

First off I don’t like the word broke, I prefer the term FINANCIALLY DISABLED! Because I’ve made progress in my life! I went from having cereal no milk, peanut butter no jelly, cracker no cheese to PROGRESS! I have cable no tv, internet no laptop, and car note, no car. Priorities have shifted but its financial progress!

lol I love that joke.

Anyway soooo yeah… First off being broke, aka financially disabled is relative. You got ppl out there who don’t have money for food but is smoking weed everyday. You got the broke one who cell phone bill is cut off every month. You got the broke people who after paying all their bills and necessities are sitting rock bottom, those check-to-check people or those saditty broke people who are crying because they have less than $200 in their account.

Either way you have to go with out something for financial reasons.

This is where being broke is either a state of mind or a state of being…..

Examples of State of mind Brokeness:

“Let me check out these free events where I can go to and have a good time”

“Let me get creative on this birthday gift, it won’t be much but something from the heart”

“They having a 3 for $10 sale at conway let me grab a couple of them shirts and jazz it up with some $2 jewelry off fashion ave” (please note these are not from personal experiences lol) -I think I tell on myself when I do these side notes!

“Let me suggest we take a stroll in central park and people watch to enjoy each other’s company”

“Let me go sing at the park for money”

“I don’t have much but thanks for the favor, money is tight but thats the case for a lot of people”

Examples of State of Being Broke:

“Im soooo depressed, I have nothing to wear and I can’t do anything because I’m broke”

“I can’t take you out but we can chill”

“I don’t like to go out when I don’t have any money”

“You need money to have fun”

“I would do that if I had money”

“When I get some money, Ill be happy and on my feet”

If you ever caught yourself saying any of the above then you know what category you apply in. Being broke is not end all, be all; hence a state of being! However being broke is a state of mind in a temporary sense to where it will not defeat you enjoying life.

Yeah so times are rough right now and a lot of people are crying “broke phi broke” I know at times I have to check myself because I am so in tune with my state of mind brokeness that it almost becomes delusional. But my point is don’t let broke sit you down.

The crazy thing about it is when Brokeness become your state of being, even when you have money you don’t know how to act with it and become a cheap LOSER!!!!! (I’m not bitter) lol

But seriously whatever money you have will be spent and I don’t knock people handling money logically or strategically but when you don’t have much of something the more you focus on that the more you fall into the state of being to where you are no longer enjoying what you have oppose to the state of mind to where you keep things moving and “ROCK OUT” as I say.

So yeah everybody is “broke phi broke” but instead of saying “we aint got it” say “we got it”! Fire up that creativity and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Now fellas PLEASE don’t take a chick to the movies and ask her if she got five on it!!!!

And ladies even if you calling your broke dude’s phone over and over and over again just to make sure its off, that’s okay! As long as that’s a state of ming for him and he’s calling you from a random Best Buy!
Just wreckless:-P


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