"Blame it on the Alcohol"

Yeah so we all know about that vice, the delicious yet so vicious vice called alcohol!

Confession: Every time I go out, I tend to lay my hands on a precious glass of this vice. Preferably wine because I think I’m better than people. lol I would be the one to think I’m fancy with a $4 glass of Merlot. hey! we gotta feel good some way right?


I’m no alcoholic to where I’m drinking ALL the time but I don’t see nothing wrong with investing in a Gallon of Sangria when you down and out, feels me? Just get that jug and take it to the head while laying in the bed staring at the ceiling contemplating life… It will do you some good! (please note this is NOT from personal experience, I just have a large imagination lol)

Soooo yeah the way I see it is because I don’t drink at comedy shows, where I spend quite a lot of time, its just natural instinct to “treat” myself to a few drinks when I’m out just to be out. Sometimes I can go over board to where I’m drunk texting and calling MYSELF to confess my narcissism. #dead

I knew things were getting bad when I went to church with a little libation in my bag while at church (don’t judge me! at least it was wine!!) then right after church I was at a party with my hands in the air. I call it preparation.

Its funny how we make logic out of anything….

But its all fun and games until someone gets hurt…. or is it… its all fun and games until someone gets serious!

Either way I found myself blaming it on the AAAAA AAA AAAAA ALCOHOL! tisk tisk

See what had happened was (people always start the story out like this when they are guilty) my friend came in to town thinking she was going to be hosted by the RESPONSIBLE Aminah but little did she know she was greeted by the drunk, I don’t give no f*** Aminah, aka Aminaqueshia. (yes I had to name her)

It was all bad. Apparently Aminaqueshia thought it was all about her the entire weekend and didn’t care about anyone’s feelings nor was she concerned if Aminah’s friend had a good time. Thats why I can’t take Aminaqueshia no where because she doesn’t know how to act. Twerking all over the place, laughing with her tongue all out her mouth, and gulping down drink after drink!

smh pretty wreckless!

But at the end of the day Aminaqueshia left and Aminah was left to face her friends alone and couldn’t blame anyone, not even Aminaqueshia for Aminah’s rude actions.

The situation wasn’t that horrible but it could’ve been worst because people really were upset. I take it as a learning situation though and thats why I’m blogging about it because yeah its okay to drink and have a good time but when you are expected to be responsible i.e. hosting friends, work, and even performing, sometimes its not the best idea to drink.

But after that weekend it made me sit back and analyze how reliant I can be on alcohol, into even thinking I can’t have fun without it, so I decided to give it up for a few days, yes these are my extreme efforts to stay sane:-) I WANT TO BE SANE SOOOOO BAD!!!! lol but to my surprise I went out the other day with friends and had a GOOD sober time!

Even my friends were like wow, I thought you were drunk…. and I was like NOPE! Drunk off responsibility;-) lol okay that was wakk but  yeah…. I did have a blast and was proud to be the designated driver:-)

I would say Drink responsibly but thats such a oxymoron because who would expect someone to be responsible when they drink, my friend did and you see where that got her…. Foolish like Ashanti!

But yeah from this, I was reminded to have fun but not at someone else’s expense unless its your own, like I do on stage:-P

Peace and wreckless love people,


thats a pic of me acting a fool over there…. see what it do?!

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