Loyalty is defined as faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause…. hmmmmm

I have been pondering on this subject for a while now. Being a taurus, yes I believe in astrology, I feel like loyalty is one of the best traits that we possess yet I have always struggled with the definition of it and what it truly means…..

Remember in high school when you had a group of friends, well I did, and one of your friends didn’t take a liking to some one else and because yall were friends you felt obligated to not like that person as well.

Funny because I thought that was loyalty.

Or remember when someone said something about your mother and you felt it in every bone that you needed to defend her….

funny because I thought that was loyalty.

Or remember when your friend got the fighting and you had to squad up ready to fight without asking questions….

funny because I thought that was loyalty.

Now I don’t think any of that is loyalty.

I’m still unsure but i feel like I have a better idea as time goes by…..

But in my heart loyalty is nothing to prove.

Loyalty is nothing to advertise.

Its nothing to convince yourself that you have.

To me loyalty is the faithfulness to ones self. That undeniable love and devotion for what you value and believe in. Its like my favorite phrase “Do you”. Cuz honestly “do you”

not even on no selfish activity but just staying true to what you feel is right and what is in your best interest is the best loyalty ever.

Those same friends that you were “loyal” to, where are they now? Probably kicking it with that person that they didn’t like initially and yes the same person you never gave a chance to get to know.

That person who disrespected your mother is more than likely disrespecting someone else’s mother better yet there own. smh

Bottom line is some people think its right to fight, cut some one off because of someone else, or even defend their mother but do those things because you think its right for you and not because you are trying to prove your loyalty, or convince yourself that you are very loyal to anyone or anything.

I know for me loyalty has been a struggle! I found myself in situations doing things that I knew didn’t necessarily represent who I was…. whether its trying to be true to where I came from or proving I was a “ride or die” for my friends, family or significant other…..

Loyalty is really nothing to prove but only one thing that I found I needed to define for myself.

I’m loyal to Aminah. period point blank.

If I support you thats because I believe it is right.

If I fight for you thats because I believe it is right.

If I ride shot gun to someone’s house to key their car… thats because I believe it is right. lol

wreckless as always 😉



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  1. March 6, 2011 / 12:49 am

    I feel people incorrectly define loyalty as being “whatever whenever” and thats a wrong interpretation. (HYPOTHETICAL) Im your friend and loyal to our friendship but why must my loyalty be questioned if I dont bail you out of jail, fight your battles, or loan you money? I’m not a bondsman, bodyguard, or bank, Im your friend. And I personally believe its being more loyal not to support your friend’s foolishness and bullshit but instead openly express that you will only support of them doing positive things and growing. Then of course be there for them in that process and time.

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