Rejection is just a Redirection

YO! YO! (this is my New York swag in FULL effect, ask about me! lol)
Shawty yeah so lately I have been affirming this quote, “rejection is just a redirection from God”. I really share this with a lot of people! It’s been easing a lot of frustration that would normally build up during the happenings of life. When I first read this quote which I think was from Twitter I took alot from it.  It may even be a bible quote… Hold on let me google it… *clicks on google*

Well check this out it is a bible quote… cool cool… It comes from Proverbs 20:30 and it read “Failure isn’t God’s rejection. Failure is God’s redirection.”

But yeah when I heard this it was like that “aha” inflection because in my opinion rejection is like the worst feeling in the world! It sits right next to failure and fear it’s almost as if it should start with the letter F to complete the alliterative movement… Yeah failure, fear, and fedirection lol

It really started yesterday during a discussion with my grandmother. I’m not gone get into the details but at first I was upset, in my feelings, feeling some type of way…. and even though I was feeling like this I reminded myself that it was a redirection from God and I chose to look at the positive end and except it for what it is. I thought to myself well maybe I need this….

Then today was crazy! I know I say that about a lot of days but I swear I question myself like “who does this life belong to”?! See what had happened was! On the way to work trains were running on a holiday schedule (smh Im so over ny’s mta) then when I get to work and start working on some material it starts to get busy at work so I really had to work! Ain’t that crazy?! Then my writing class location was changed today so on my way rushing from work to class the train isn’t even running at my transfer station so I ended up walking cross town waaaayyy too many blocks (side note: crossing avenues in new York is like sitting through a twele month trial! Sheesh! Are we there yet?! Just convict me!) anyway I finally made it to class, didn’t seem like I missed too much and had a successful set at a comedy show in Harlem! That was definitely my relief for the day! I swear I love what I do!

So ya! Apparently I was thrown a couple of left turns today and each time I would affirm “rejection is just a redirection from God” it has helped me sooooo much that I had to share it! It allows me to embrace the positive and optimistic aspect of the situation…

It’s like that cute guy not showin interest in you and you think to yourself “that’s probably best because he probably got kids, living with his mom, no job and can’t read “doesn’t that make you feel better?!

No really try it! A rejection is only a redirection from god!

Thank you god for not allowing that unemployed illeterate baby daddy to approach me!

O so wreckless:-p lol

Peace and Love!

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