Just breathe

Now if your breath isn’t too fresh then just do a silent inhale with out causing disruption to your nose and others noses around you:-)

But yes when I say “just breathe” I’m referring to the times that things seem a bit overwhelming and are appearing to be out of control….

This reflection came to me last night. Yall! When I say things seem to have been out of hand they were out of hand. And I have brat tendencies, maybe cuz I’m the youngest of seven, but I was just constantly worrying and focusing on the negative when finally I had to tell myself to breathe!
Its like those feelings of having two hours of sleep for the day to complete an 8 hour shift at work, gym workout, and go to class for three hours and you think to yourself “I’m not gone make it” and you keep saying “I’m so tired, I’m so tired”…. its just like chill shawty because you are going to look back at it tomorrow and laugh b/c you was crying, acting like a big baby about small things.

Sidenote: If you gotta call your girl from the bus stop step away from the people… I’m not trying to hear, “so what you wearing” while I’m upset and waiting for a bus late as hell!

Back to the regularly scheduled blog:-) so last night I left my wallet at a friend’s house, collected $4 from friends which wasn’t even enough b/c I needed to pay for the train and bus. Then as I’m sitting at the bus stop for forty minutes pissed b/c I needed a ride and because the bus that I don’t have money for doesn’t seem like its coming and when its all said and done I want to get at least a thorough nap in before work. All bad! I texted my friend like “yo! This is for the birds” and just as I was about to get tempered I remembered I had $$ in my pocket that was given to me earlier that evening!

I was like “see Aminah, just breathe” 🙂

Its like a “woosaw”

Its like a “hhhhhhhhhhh”

All in all I took a cab ride home, slept, got to work on time and retrieved my wallet with no worries!

For now on I’m breathing from here on out, call me deep breathing Aminah when you see me in these streets;-)

Stay breathing, wrecklessly of course….



  1. Chelsea B. Andrews
    February 22, 2011 / 2:02 pm

    This is too cute! lol. I wish

  2. Chelsea B. Andrews
    February 22, 2011 / 2:07 pm

    This is too cutee. i wish tht my days could go like this. but i do need to start to relaxx. i got these pulses all over my body, like in my eye, in my lip, in my thigh, my stomach…ppl say tht its from stress…idk, but i wish tht it would go away! bt anywayy, yeah things do work themselves out sometimess..and it turns out to be such a blessingg.

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