Baby Steps

By the end of this blog I would’ve googled an image of some cute baby steps and posted it on this blog:-) lol The literal thought of baby steps are precious because they are so tiny and cute with the little big toe and adorable pinky toe (of course there are other toes but those two toes stand out)… It makes you just want to squeeze them with your fingers and peck little kisses on them and even tickle them and say “koochi koochi koo” with the baby face and all! *Sigh* So sweet.

Well I’m not talking about those baby steps. But figuratively referring to the approaches people take in life towards attaining something they want or need. It’s the things you do up until…, the in between the mean time…., its the initial doings that gradually develop into what you really wanted in the first place. Just like me doing comedy… The steps that I take today are towards the ultimate goal I have as an artist. Baby Steps. The things you do daily that will eventually place you in a better position.

My friend and I had a conversation about it this morning. He acknowledged how his ultimate goal was a bit much to accomplish in one day and would eventually happen and expressed the small steps that he was taking each day towards reaching that point. And I was like “baby steps” and he said yeah, “baby steps” Which led me to the thought of how Im sure we all want things in life and most of the time its not something that will happen over night so what we can do right now to ensure we get what we want is to make sure we are doing the baby steps.

I tell people all the time I want abs like Ciara… those abs aren’t going to come over night but what I can do is take BABY STEPS like working out to ensure that eventually I will have “Ciara abs” and then eventually I can dance battle her in my dreams with a sports bra on showing them off. lol

Are you taking your BABY STEPS towards what you want to accomplish?

The great thing about baby steps are they don’t add pressure in your life for you to hurry and do something. You can take each step at a time with good intentions to manifest and make it happen for you. It’s just like that saying “you have to crawl before you walk”. Literally and figuratively! (Videos of babies tumbling in efforts to make that first step are hilarious) So allow yourself patience to accomplish what you want. Also allow yourself time to fall and stumble because when you get up you will know what better to do next time. I know a lot of times I want things NOW, like right NOW, and not at any other time but you have to assure yourself that it will happen, what better way to assure this other than taking those baby steps!

So get out there and take those BABY STEPS, wrecklessly of course:-P



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