This morning I woke up with those feelings…. you know! the feelings of rejection, disappointment, and grief…. the yucky ones that make you go “BLAH”

I was thinking about how some dude didn’t give me the time of day or how at a certain event when I was making an effort to be nice to someone they weren’t reciprocal with that energy or even when I thought someone was “on my team” but did something that seemed otherwise and I thought to myself, “Im tired of thinking about these people/events and having these feelings, its time to say to it all “F**K YOU, I’m amazing”.

Now it may sound brutal, bitter, and even angry but its just to the point that if I have to affirm this 100 times I would rather do so then worry about the effects of someone’s negative energy or what I don’t have. I guess its that point where you grow closer and closer to the point where you just DON’T CARE. I want to be there…. I’m at that point where I can pretend not to care VERY WELL, lol, but I know eventually and REAL SOON I’m going to be over it all and I CAN’T WAIT. #babysteps

But until then every time I feel necessary to say “F**K YOU, IM AMAZING” I will!!!!

Carry on people,

have a good day and make it a wreckless one:-P


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