Work hard to play hard!

Hey! Hey! “Now lets start the show” *kanye voice* Greetings people!

What a week already and its only Wednesday! and thats how things should be! lol

This sunday after work and a performance I went to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, hosted by Hannibal Burress, to check out some comedy. Yes! I went to a show where I didn’t perform. The funny thing is some comedians think thats unorthodox but personally I feel like you can’t go wrong by being at a comedy show when your a comedian! Carry on:-)

Anyway  comedian Vanessa Fraction, chi town stand up, was in the building and I couldn’t miss her set even if I wanted to because she is such an amazing person and every time since I met her when I come to Atlanta she holds it down. First off she ripped! I felt like it was a win for me because we have similarities on stage; our accent, lingo, southern mannerisms, are all apparent when were on stage so its not parallel to your every day comic especially not at that show. Material was witty, genuine and so enjoyable! Very inspiring and thats why you can’t go wrong for being at a show when you’re not performing:-) Such a win!

So yeah! She was only in Brooklyn for like a day and was scheduled to leave that next morning 6am, the same time I had to be to work(trouble). Now Joyelle, another comedian, was like yeah. “we probably won’t even go to sleep, you down?” lol (can you say peer pressure) but we were having so much fun so why stop there so of course I decided not to sleep(what would Jesus do)!!! We had a good time though and it was sooo not worth the sleep…. but then came Monday….

After literally going home, taking a shower, getting dressed for work, laying down for longer than I should’ve I made it to work! O and was I MISERABLE!!!!! I couldn’t even smile… I couldn’t write like I usually do and it was difficult to stand up and breathe(dramatic)…. lol Its truth to paying for your decisions…..

From work I usually go to the gym(maintain the sexy) and then I have class from 6-9pm. This is where the dilemma came about! Now you know there was a HUGE mental debate going on… should I go to class or not! One mind was saying, “G your exhausted, go home!” the other mind was like, “really? really Aminah? soooo you just gone party all night and not take care of business for the rest of the day? ugh”…. thats your pretty normal talk for the decision making process:-) lol

Honestly I was sold with not going to class just cause but then I texted my friend(we all need these) and he was like “bite the bullet and take your a** to class” These words were so beautiful to my ear *tear* thanks friend!!! Ill forever be indebted to you!!! (dramatic) but yeah so that pretty much gave me motivation for the rest of the day seriously! I went to the gym and played around but got some kind of workout in and then I went to class for THREE HOURS!!! and it felt great! I was soooo glad that I went:-)

Point is enjoy life! Party hard! GET IT IN! GO HARD IN THE PAINT! but don’t let that down play your responsibilities and your focus in life!

“I go hard in the mother fu*** paint! FLOCKA”  lol I had to yall, the atl came out of me:-)


but do it wrecklessly of course:-P

yours truly,


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