F.E.A.R *shivers*

Soooo yeah last month my family and I went to see Alvin Ailey dance company perform here in New York and it was AMAZING! And congratulations to their 50 year celebration of the dance, “REVELATIONS”. If you don’t know about this dance piece please indulge… That’s all besides the point, well close to it but not exactly it. Anyway in celebration, the audience was rewarded with a free dance class from the Alvin Ailey dance theatre… Of course I had to take advantage of this FREE99 opportunity so I checked the schedule out to see what was good. Next thing you know I had the brilliant idea to try something new like a ballet class but then I was like maybe I should take the West African dance class because thats what I do… This is where the indecision grew but I decided not to choose until the day I take the class to see how I was feeling that day.

Well yesterday came and I was still indecisive… What I had to realize was how petrified I was of the idea to take a ballet class… Silly or not, I felt I wouldn’t be good at it thinking to myself, “Im no ballerina, I probably won’t enjoy it”.

While on the other hand I was like I should do take the West African dance class because its my comfort zone, up my alley, my forte, my cup of tea, its what I do, feels me? lol

Then I thought to myself even though this decision isn’t huge it is parallel to the decisions we make about career choices, relationship choices, etc. And regardless of how simple this was the emotion of fear plagued the decision….

F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real

or in the hood F*** Everything Act Real (okay I made this up lol j/k)

Fear comes from not knowing what to do or how to do it… And when were fearful, sometimes we do nothing.

To counteract these emotions I remembered the quote from my vision board(btw you should make one), “Do something you’ve never done before EVERYDAY!”

So I ended up attempting fouette’s, port de bras, and triple runs turning into the Swan Queen off one class! lol Not exactly but it did take me out of my element and I found a new respect for ballerinas because it requires much focus, strength, and concentration.

All in all don’t be so quick to count yourself out of things because of fear. Do the opposite, face the fear and do it because you are afraid of the outcome!

Im not saying walk across the street blind folded but trust yourself enough to allow yourself to make mistakes!

Happy wreckless living:-P



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