"You have to be your own champion"

Hey! Hey!!! Soooooo today was a LONG day!! (something sometimes normal for me) But I enjoyed it! Those of you who follow me on twitter, @aminahimani (shameless plug) know that I can tweet and be on the move non stop! I went to work this morning, yoga class, volunteered at a public school, went to Improv class, and attempted to get on stage tonight but the show was cancelled all in one day! Whew! That wore me out just typing it! lol

I’m now home about to lay my head for these few hours of sleep when it hit me (like Ike did Tina in the limo it finally hit me, I swear these words run through my head every day lol)…. About the words that spoke volume to me today in class…. my instructor said, “you have to be your own champion”. If these weren’t the words I needed to hear today I don’t know was!

I do stand up comedy (IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW BY NOW). lol. But at this point in my career(yes that is what I call it) I am still growing into myself and learning who I am as a comedian even as an individual. I understand that it is all a process. This making me more self-aware, self-critical, and self-indulgent.

Now my instructor explained to us that there are going to be soooooo many people judging us and putting us down that we need to make sure we do not join them. I say, “PREACH”! We get so caught up in our failures, our mistakes, our mishaps that we don’t even celebrate the victories nor the accomplishments when we need to leave that up to our haters! (HI HATERS)

If this message isn’t true I don’t know what is!!! Every day I am on a constant battle of not feeling like I did enough or am doing enough, never feeling satisfied when its like Aminah you do what you can and give your best at it! “BE YOUR OWN CHAMPION”

I must say these words spoke volumes to me and TRUST that I am now suited up like I was in the 8th grade (shout out to Inman Middle School Eagles) with my green and white cheerleader’s uniform cheering and celebrating myself for being a hard worker, dedicated, motivated, and affirming, “I will be a better person today than yesterday”!

With that said there is no better introduction nor celebration than for me to announce my website that I created:


Its a one stop-fun shop PARTY, wreckless of course, to experience ME!

Like it or Love it!



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