If you can't afford to celebrate a holiday then DON'T celebrate it!

Today I was at the gym (yes! I workout…. okay! I’m starting to work back out) and I was talking to my friend (we already been through this…. yes I have these as well) and I was ranting about how I’m so over Christmas because I’m tired of people going beyond their means to put lavish unnecessary gifts under a tree that will more than likely be tossed out before the New Years and then I said…..

“If you can’t afford to celebrate a holiday then DON’T celebrate it”

my friend was like, “that is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard” and I thought to myself maybe it is funny but I’m serious.

I know by now that it is obvious that I am not Christian and I know that Christians celebrate the “Christ” in Christmas so I have to acknowledge that this is NOT a bash on religion and the sacred values that this holiday may hold to some but this is an ode to my frustration of the foolish activity that takes place during this holiday!

I have seen it all! One minute you can’t afford a storage bill, cell phone bill, water bill, and your rent is past due but your child has an ipod, ds nitendo lite, Wii, air jordans, and the latest barbie doll.

By all means I am not judging you…. let me take that back I AM!

I’m not knocking that fact that you are trying to bring joy into your family’s life BUT look at the priorities in the situation…..

It was a trending topic on twitter about the New Jordons, the greys, which was HILARIOUS but at the same time held so much sad truth to it. Here are some tweets for an example:

“You never got two things that match…ham no burger, peanut butter no jelly, kool-aid no sugar” #ButYouGotThemJs

“You can’t pay your child support” #butyougotthemjs

“You just got evicted” #butyougotthemjs

AND MY FAVORITE!!!! You don’t have no feet #butyougotthemjs (JUST IGNORANT)

This same concept applies to how I feel about the celebration of Christmas. Who told us that this one time of the year we have to splurge(spend large amounts of money) beyond our means to satisfy ourselves??? Aren’t there other ways to celebrate?

And thats why I celebrate Kwanzaa!!! Yes it is a man made holiday but at least there is a learning process that impulses the people to think critical and apply these principles in our lives!!!

I also celebrate Kwanzaa because I can afford it! YEP! My bank account says KWANZAA all over it! The gifts are to be hand made or educational which normally doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Now I’m not saying be financially disabled all your life and thats why you should celebrate Kwanzaa nor am I saying I have all my priorities and order and is little Ms. Perfect (there may be typos in this blog right now) but what I am saying is….

There is really no reason you don’t have any hot water but you took off work to host a barbeque for Memorial Day!

There is really no reason you are running down the streets screaming “my president is black” on President’s Day but don’t know the U.S. capital

and PLEASE! There is really no reason that your seven year old son, DEVANGELO, can’t read but owns an iPad!

“If you can’t afford to celebrate a holiday then DON’T celebrate it!

Happy Wreckless Holidays!



  1. Amin Muhammed
    December 30, 2010 / 2:57 pm

    I can understand where you are coming from young lady. But i got them J’s anyway

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