Life is like a cell phone…. USE IT!

The other day I was macbook chilling at the house with my friend (yes I have those) and my friend asked to use my macbook. Of course I obliged because I share (yes I have manners too). But I couldn’t help but to think of the whereabouts of my friend’s macbook so I asked, “where is your macbook? I remember you wouldn’t let that thing out of your sight nor let anyone touch it.” My friend replied, “And I’m still like that with it so it wouldn’t look like yours.” Now my macbook didn’t even look all that bad, it just had a few scratches and stains… normal:-P Then my friend  said, “My macbook is in its case at all times to keep it safe”.

Now after this comment I couldn’t help but think about how these views we have with our laptop are analogous to raising children and living life. My friend felt that they should do anything in their power to protect the laptop from getting scratched while my attitude was hey! a scratch here and there is inevitable, its like a scar that will heal and even if it remains visible it will be symbolic of a great memory. I actually didn’t know how my laptop got messed up but it didn’t even bother me because it fulfills its purpose.

Then we got to comparing cell phones. My friend’s cell phone looks brand new and is still in its case while my cell phone looks like it been through some things. On my defense I was like “it can’t look new forever and if it does then I will never enjoy the pleasure of wanting to replace it”! I know this sounds silly (especially when you compare this to children) but its not like I’m tossing around my phone carelessly. I’m just using it and along the way things happen to it!

Anyway my point is that we shouldn’t fixate on what we don’t want to happen because it will prevent the happening from happening and this same mentality is applicable to life. That’s why I say a cell phone is like life. Its meant to be used!

What’s the point of having a cell phone if its not going to accidently fall out the window while your driving on the highway? huh?


Anyway I have to go make some phone calls on this cell phone of mines…

Besides…. Life is calling;-)

Happy wreckless living:-P


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  1. OrangeRoom
    December 24, 2010 / 10:34 pm

    This is my favorite, I believe! This is a very powerful message!

    Good job, Beans!

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