Wreckless thoughts for a Wreckless person

How do you tell someone their child isn’t cute?

Why do unemployed people say, “I don’t have all day?”

If jerk was a color would it be black or white?

If appearance wasn’t everything then why is it hard to look at you?

Why as a child do you assume that someone’s occupation is their life? No like really I couldn’t fathom my teacher having a life besides teaching!

Sooooo am I the only one who said Sharks in the middle when it really was Sharks and minnow? The deceit!

Why isn’t vegetarian spelled veggietarian?! This world is too complicated!

How can someone’s breath smell worst than sweaty feet? You lose privileges of your face!

Why is the saying “kill yourself” a saavy way of suggesting suicide?

If statistics are called stats and applications are called apps then why aren’t addicts called ADD?!

Why spell reckless wrong like wreckless just because you want to be creative?

Because I’m wreckless:-P



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